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Brute Round Containers

The classic round shaped Brute Container is a vital instrument of working life. In a choice of 5 sizes from 37.9L all the way up to a massive 208.2L, these handy containers can be used for just about anything!
All round Brute containers in Grey & White have been made to be compliant with several safety measures:

  • NSF standard #2 (Grey/White)
  • NSF standard #21 (Grey/White)

This makes these containers safe for use with food. Whether you need to store bulk ingredients or collect food waste these Brute containers are ideal for the food and drink industry.

Want to turn your container into a waste bin? We can provide you with red dome tops that feature a swing lid to cover waste. Alternatively choose a funnel top to create a recycling bin for bottles and cans.

Snap on lids for your round Brute containers are designed to allow liquids to flow off easily within contaminating whatever you have inside. They also give you the option to stack your containers and store them outside or in.

Brute Square Containers

The Square Brute Container allows up to 14% more capacity then the classic round shape (depending on content). Sturdy and strong these containers are built to last, featuring a UV stabiliser this maximises their life when used outside. Square Brute Bins are also compliant with certain safety measures too:

  • EN Food Contact Compliant – LNE(Yellow/Grey/White)
  • NSF standard #2 (Grey/White)
  • NSF standard #21 (Grey/White)

Use these containers safely with food for storage or waste. When paired up with their tight-fitting snap on lids you can protects dry goods with confidence of them not being damaged.

For a heavy duty mobile solution, opt for a Brute Rollout Container. These square containers sit on heavy duty wheels and can move easily over surfaces, even over stairs. With a moulded-in axle retainer and fixed hinged lid these super strong bins are ideal for constant use.

Transporting Brute Containers

Transport your Brute container with our selection of dollies. Brute Round Dollies support Brute bins 75.7L upwards and can hold up to 113.4kg in weight! The construction of this handy dolly ensures it’s resistant to rust, chips and denting. Twist your brute container into place for a stable transportation even on uneven surfaces.

Brute Square Dollies are made in a similar way to the round counterpart but can carry all Square Brute Containers up to 113.4kg. Sitting on four heavy duty castors your Brute Square bins will be transported with no hassle.
Need to move more than one? The tandem dolly can easily get 2 round containers up to 226.5kg from A to B with ease. Sitting on top of heavy duty wheels on swivel castors to help with manoeuvrability.

Universal Dollies can be used to transport not only Brute Containers up to 208L but also a 55 Gallon drum. This multi-use dolly can hold up to 135kg of weight and moves smoothly using its heavy-duty wheels.

Rubbermaid have been creating Brute containers since the 1960’s. This trusted design is constantly improved to make it the best of the best.
Now featuring venting channels on all Brute Round & Square Containers, these channels make it 50% easier to remove waste bags. These channels even decrease the risk of repetitive strain injury.

They’ve added bag clinchers to make the bag slipping into the bin a thing of the past, no more need for knotted liner changes. With new reinforced handles and bases, this will make emptying your container easier than before.

Rubbermaid even put Brute through a drag test and they performed, the average distance before failure was over 4000 meters. That’s 2 thirds of Kilimanjaro! These Brute containers are perfect for storing items and collecting waste.