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If you’re in need of durable and versatile longspan racking, you’re in the right place. We offer a selection of longspan racking to suit the storage space available. These racking systems are ideal for bulky items that may not fit onto the regular racking

Range of Capacities

Ensuring the safe keeping of your items whilst in storage is essential. The last thing anyone would want is a racking unit giving way due to the weights stored.  This is why we have provided a wide variety of longspan shelving with different load capacities. Our load capacities range from 300kg-1000kg per shelf, which provides the storage for both light and heavy duty items.

Within our range, you have longspan racking units such as our Longspan Racking. These units are ideal for storing items up to 500kg per level. Additionally, there simple boltless design provides an easy construction. The only item required is a rubber mallet to simply tap the components together.

Quality longspan racking for all purposes

All of our longspan racking units are made from durable steel, which accommodates the high load capacitates. Whilst the frames provide the initial durability, the chipboard shelves help create a reliable racking system which is also cost effective. Within industrial environments, this combination of reliable and durable materials produces a longspan racking system that will withstand modern day usage.

However, it’s important to identify where the racking will be placed. For example, if you were purchasing racking with a chipboard shelf for a freezer room. The chipboard finish would not be effective as the moisture would eventually wear away at the shelving. For environments as such, we recommend galvanised shelves as this would avoid any potential wear & tear.

Understanding the environment you will be placing this longspan racking is vital to ensure the unit provides a long lasting storage solution. Need further help? Our trained sales staff are seconds away via live chat.