Office Desks

The perfect desk is waiting for you here, at Workplace Products. We offer a complete range of contemporary and classic desks and there's something to suit every budget and taste.

Rectangular desks (also known as straight desks) are our most popular choice. A simple desktop for working on or using a computer at. Wave desks have one long edge that curves, creating a larger working space to one side. Choose left or right-handed to suit your preference. Ergonomic desks create a more efficient, comfortable work space. Also known as corner desks, they are supplied left or right-handed to suit your preference or workspace. Height adjustable desks allow users to change between sitting and standing. By alternating sitting & standing to work, the desks have been proven to help improve concentration and circulation. Pedestal desks bring handy storage to your fingertips with lockable storage attached to the desk, documents are accessible when you need them. Modular desks are designed to link together to create rows of desks for a larger team. Also known as bench desks, they are ideal for sales offices or call centres.

If you aren’t sure which office desks to choose or need any help in selecting matching office furniture, talk to us on live chat or give us a call.