Office Chairs

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Treating yourself to a new chair or kitting out the entire office? We can help here at Workplace Products. Our huge selection of chairs means you'll always find the perfect seating for your office.

Office Chair Requirements

Seat height needs to be adjustable for your height. Your feet must touch the floor without putting too much pressure on your thighs. If your feet can’t touch the floor adjust your chair until you can.

Seat depth should be adjustable if possible. You should be sat at the back of the chair without the back of the knees touching the front of your chair. Comfort needs to be top priority if you’re sitting for a long period.

Lumbar support is crucial for sitting in your new chair for long periods of time. Chairs should follow the natural S shape of the spine. Neck supports can also help keep your spine aligned.

Tilting back rests allow different postures to be adopted. 95-105-degree angle allows your chest and abdomen to be open to help oxygen flow through the body.

Swivel chairs allow movement around your working area; allowing you to move without twisting your back.

Types of Office Chairs

Getting the right chair is important. The right chair needs to give you the correct support for the task at hand.

Operator – These computer chairs are great for people who have to sit down for long periods of time. These chairs may not look like much but they are fully adjustable.

Executive – These are our premium chairs. Perfect for the boss or someone who just wants a bit of luxury.

Ergonomic – Chairs need to work for everyone’s needs; ergonomic chairs give lumbar support as well as comfort for the whole day.

Mesh – Breathable and stylish mesh chairs are a modern addition to your office.

Draughtsman – Higher than your normal office chairs these are perfect for workstations and higher desks.

Conference/visitor– These chairs designed to be sat in for short periods. Great for the meeting room or reception. Even with the best chair, it’s still great to get up and walk around every few hours.

Consider purchasing a new ergonomic desk to go with your new chair for the most comfortable office. For more info, take a look at our Office Chairs Buyers' Guide