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Did you know that employers are responsible for PPE in the workplace? Personal protective equipment such as goggles and ear defenders, gloves, overalls, clothes and boots are all to be maintained and stored properly. It's all part of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 act.

Workwear Lockers are ideal for storing your PPE

You'll need to make sure that your PPE stays clean, usable and in the best condition possible while being stored. To do this you'll need some specialist PPE workwear lockers. This is where Workplace Products can really help you out.

We've got a large range of lockers and storage solutions for keeping clothes, PPE and workwear in tip-top condition. Many lockers in this range have been specifically designed so that you can store hard hats, boots and other accessories along with hung garments.

The different types of workwear lockers

We've got plenty of options for you to take a look at for storing your personal workwear. Here's an overview of each type:

PPE Lockers

Our PPE Lockers come in many sizes and configurations, and being made from hard wearing steel they are robust and ideal for daily use in the workplace. Each compartment door features a personal protective equipment mandatory sign so that employees know exactly where to store their PPE. A single tier locker includes a shelf and double garment hook fitted inside, while two door versions are fitted with a double coat hook. All others sizes feature compartments with no extra fittings and adequate space for general PPE.

Clean & Dirty Lockers

Clean and dirty lockers are a popular choice with our customers. They feature two separate compartments; one for the PPE and one for the clean clothes. Alternatively you can keep PPE in both. One side for the used PPE and the other to place clean PPE to store for the next shift. Their basic function is to keep clean and dirty clothes separate to avoid contamination and soiling fresh PPE and clothing.

Combi & Staff Lockers

These lockers feature single, full height compartments divided up in to smaller sections for specific uses. Typically each combi locker has a vertical compartment to hang garments and PPE, a top shelf for protective head gear, and 3-5 smaller shelved sections for smaller or personal items. They are designed to give optimum personal storage space per individual locker.

Twin Lockers

Also known as duo lockers or two person lockers. These space saving units allow storage for two users in the space of a standard locker. Twin lockers tend to feature 2 doored compartments with hanging and shelf space inside. The duo version of these lockers have separate doored compartments for the hanging space and the shelf space, making 4 doors total per unit. They tend to have smaller hanging sections and larger storage compartments than the twin versions.

Uniform Lockers

Our crew and uniform lockers are ideal for use by emergency services. They feature large compartments specially designed to separate and accommodate personnel's equipment and uniforms. They also come fitted with an integrated hanging rail and shelf storage. The compartment version is designed to be used like a clean & dirty locker, with space for two sets of uniform and clothing.

Garment Dispensers

Our range of garment dispensers and collectors make management of your employees work wear clean and simple. Dispensers are available in several door options with a master key available for easy restocking. The garment collector is a large single door locker with an anti-theft post hole at the top for collecting dirty laundry easily, and can be nested with our dispensers.

Standard Clothes Lockers

A clothes locker is simply a normal locker with the ability to store clothes in it, usually with garment hooks or hanging rails in larger compartments. They provide great daily storage options for staff changing rooms and are ideal for storing personal belongings such as handbags, wallets and mobile phones as well as clothes and uniforms.

Stands are available to lift the lockers up off the ground. This makes it easier to clean the floors of your changing room. For top of the range clothes lockers, why not add sloping tops. These optional extras look great and make sure staff, customers or guests leave items or litter on top.

If you'd like any further information on a certain locker range, please take a look at our product pages. If you have any questions start up a Live Chat or call our sales team.