Handling & Lifting

In our extensive collection of Handling and Lifting products we feature: sack trucks, platform trucks & trolleys, pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, shelf trolleys, mobile storage cages and many more items. These are all designed as a solution for moving and handling goods in the workplace.

This range of products has been specifically sourced with quality and value for money in mind. We offer an excellent choice of only the best trucks and trolleys, capable of streamlining your work flow, making your life easier and more efficient.

Move items with ease in bulk with roll containers and pallets

We offer a practical and affordable range of roll containers, cages and roll pallets. With load capacities upwards of 500kg, these strong and robust product transport solutions take the strain and make moving and delivering your products in bulk an easy task.

Simple and safe lifting and handling equipment

We also offer an extensive range of lifting and handling equipment to make moving large, heavy or bulky items simple and safe. Take a look at our cranes and hoists and find a great deal online.