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Handling & Lifting

Our Handling & Lifting equipment

In our extensive collection of Handling and Lifting products we feature: sack trucks, platform trucks & trolleys, pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, shelf trolleys, mobile storage cages and many more items. These are all designed as a solution for moving and handling goods in the workplace. This range of products has been specifically sourced with quality and value for money in mind. We offer an excellent choice of only the best trucks and trolleys, capable of streamlining your work flow, making your life easier and more efficient.

Trucks & Trolleys

Our trucks and trolleys contain a wide variety of products for different wants and needs for our customers. We offer heavy duty products that are able to transport and support heavier load capacities than some of our more lightweight products. Products such as our heavy duty 2 shelf trucks are just one example of items that will aid the transportation of items around your workplace. On the other hand, we have our Alutruk sack truck range that is designed for a more lightweight use.  The overall goal of these products is to ensure that products are safely taken from one destitution to another.

Lifting equipment

Our Scissor lifts and pallet trucks are out best sellers for the lifting equipment category. They are designed to help our customers lift heavy duty items that would otherwise be to hard to do alone. Busy industries such as warehouses or large stock rooms would benefit from these products immensely. Our scissor lifts come with varied load capacities as well as having an option to choose from stationary or mobile depending on our working environment. We also provide cranes that can hold up to 2 tonnes.

Tipping skips & Bottom emptying skips

Our tipping skips feature our TUFF brand. This ensures durability and longevity across the range. The TUFF Tipping skips come in a variety of different lire capacities which range from 350L to 1100L. They are also UK manufactured. This increases reliability and delivery time on the skips. The main purpose of our tipping skips is to easily manipulate and transport of waste on-site and different supplies. The then are usually transported to larger skips that is then regularly emptied. We also have our bottom emptying skips that are idea for the disposing of industrial waste and supplies. They are easy to use and help to speed up the working process.

Tilt trucks

Our tilt trucks are designed to streamline the way to move greater capacities of waste around working environments no matter how busy or compact the are. They come as a heavy duty products and can tilt up to a volume of 800 litres. This product aims to reduce the energy of employees making them a fast and efficient way to to dispose your items that are no longer needed. 

Roll containers, Mobile security cages & roll plates 

We offer roll container's to suit all the wants and needs of any working environment. Our products in this category range from Demountable roll pallets to Nestable roll containers, each one is designed to fit into a suitable storage are. They are easily stackable and detachable, again making it efficient for tight workspaces. At Workplace products we also supply heavy duty roll pallets and containers that can transport goods of up to 600kg.

Handling & Lifting

Other accessories for your work place

We have an extensive range of accessories that are essentials for any industry. The range includes: Dollies & skates, forklift attachments, conveyor systems, pallet containers & mesh pallets and finally, castors. Each product can be used in any day to day activity and will help improve our workflow and maximise output.