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Within our range of Attached Lid Containers, we have included a variety of functionalities that will offer a unique storage option. One of these key properties is seen with it's attached hinged lid. These unique lids mean that they cannot be removed from the container as they are included within the design. Additionally, the integral lid ensures that it provides a tamper proof and secure lid to reduce the ability for thieves to break in. 

Our range of Attached Lid Containers vary in sizes. From small to extra large containers, we can provide a plastic container for all purposes. For industrial purposes, we have included storage boxes with forklift sleeves. By providing a mode of transport whilst still having the ability to safely store and protects goods is why these units are used universally. But, included within our range we have included storage boxes for garages, playrooms, greenhouses and so on. With their ability to provide a secure storage options,  they can be placed anywhere.