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Wire Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers with high visual security and ideal for airing damp clothes

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Here you’ll find a range of quality, affordable wire mesh lockers. They are ideal for storage in areas where air ventilation and high visual security is needed.

Our collection of metal mesh lockers are made for the safe storage of work-wear and sportswear items that need high levels of ventilation. They make an ideal storage solution for changing rooms across multiple industries. Our range features many different compartment sizes, from a full height mesh locker with hanging space, down to multiple small storage spaces to suit your requirements.

Reasons to buy Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire Mesh Storage is easy to clean. The metal mesh has a small surface area meaning there is no where for dirt and bacteria to hide. This makes them a hygienic solution that can be cleaned quickly and easily. They can even be hosed down. They are finished in an electroplated zinc making them resistant to rust and prolonging their life through regular cleaning and use.

Wire mesh offers increased air circulation. When compared to their more traditional counterparts, the gaps in mesh lockers allow exceptional air flow. This air circulation allows wet or damp clothing to dry quickly and avoid any mould or mildew building up.

Increased visual security. The level of visual security is greatly increased with mesh lockers as you can see everything that is stored inside each compartment. As well as high visual security, you'll find mesh locker doors will accept padlocks to keep the users belongings safe. You can also opt to not have doors on certain ranges for quick access to stored items.

Our full height wire mesh lockers include a hanging rail or hooks and shelves since they are often used for clothing storage. Legs elevate each locker off the ground for more efficient cleaning underneath and to also avoid the contents getting dusty and dirty. We also have wire mesh compartment lockers which are suitable for personal effects storage, folded clothing and small work equipment. Although they don't offer such large compartments they are capable of accommodating a lot more members of staff.

Our Mobile Wire Mesh Lockers are a great storage solution for construction sites. The addition of wheels making them mobile means that they can quite readily move from place to place whilst the contents stay secured inside. This is a big advantage during construction work, while moving them between or around sites.

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