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Safety Mirrors are designed to offer employees and the public a wide angle view around corners and blind spots to help prevent accidents.

We have a wide range of quality industrial mirrors to offer for all kinds of scenarios. This includes both indoor and outdoor mirrors, mirrors that are wall mounted and much more. The wide variety of available products is necessary because of the different ways in which these mirrors can be made useful

It is important to remember that when choosing a safety mirror for your premises that a larger mirror offers a larger image. In each of the product pages the maximum viewing distance is listed to let you know how far away you can view the mirror and have it still work effectively. This is exceptionally important for using these products as road mirrors. A small mirror will not display a large enough image to be of any use to a driver or pedestrian trying to use them from across the road.

We have a wide range of convex mirrors and inspection mirrors which are ideal for use in and around the workplace. For use out in public you may want something a little more robust like a stainless steel mirror. These are essentially anti-vandal mirrors because of their strength and durability making them more difficult to damage and vandalise. These are generally more costly but will last longer.

For help choosing the right security mirror for your workplace get in touch with our sales team using our live chat or over the phone.