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Our Fast Food Units

Our fully welded canteen units are a source of economical seating for vending, refreshment and rest areas. They are a perfect solution to simple cleaning of dining areas as the have clear access to the floor. With these canteen units, there are no struggles with ensuring the space around the tables is as clean as possible. It also ensures safety as there is no need for any furniture movement when handling these tables due to the one piece polypropylene.

They contain moulded blue seating with black powder coated frames and light grey table tops. They also come to suit all of customers wants and needs. If you need a single or double entry option, do not worry, we have both! This will allow you to have the option to choose what type of access you want. The single entry is most commonly used when the canteen unit is next or attached to a wall. On the other hand, the dual entry is mostly used when the tables are free standing. It is important to note it can not be used with a two seater unit. We also have the options for the tables units to be fixed onto the floor which can be useful in busy environments such as schools and large canteens in offices. 

There is a standard 5 day delivery on the Fully Welded Canteen units. Should you need anymore information regarding them do ot hesitate to contact our sales team via live chair or directly on 01922 743833 & sales@workplace-products.co.uk.