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Platform Trucks & Trolleys

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Platform Trucks & Trolleys

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Our Platform Trucks & Flatbed Trolleys are available in an huge range of sizes and styles. They are also commonly known as platform trolleys and flatbed trolleys. Finding the right one for you is entirely dependant on your application, frequency of use, load capacity and budget. With our complete range of trucks and trolleys, we have provided a solution for every scenario.

High Quality UK Manufacturing

In recent years, UK based manufacturers of trucks and trolleys have become vastly reduced as retailers rely more and more on international imports. At Workplace Products we are proud to manufacture high quality Platform Trucks here in the UK. This allows us to make ensure a high level of quality control and offer bespoke designs. We can modify an existing UK made product or design a 2D or 3D bespoke prototype to meet your needs precisely.

Keep an eye out for the UK Manufactured icon on product pages and get in touch with our expert sales team for a bespoke product quotation.

Different Types of Platform Trolley

Platform Trucks can be broken down into various categories based on their different attributes. These can include the materials they are made from, load capacity, general design and functionality.

Many of our lighter duty flatbed trucks are made from lightweight Aluminium, allowing them to be loaded into the back of vans and cars with ease. This reduces long-term durability and load carrying capacity when compared with steel. Aluminium Platform Trolleys often come with a folding handle for easy storage and movement in and out of a vehicle or around a place of work. A folding platform truck makes for a more compact product but does compromise capacity and durability.

Pressed steel deck Platform trolleys offer the same compact advantages of a folding truck but also offer a large load capacity through tougher materials. In Industries such as catering, food production, pharmaceuticals platform trucks are often made from stainless steel or sometimes plastic. Stainless and plastic are easy to clean down making them ideal for areas with exceptionally high hygiene requirements. We offer a wide range of products for this type of application with a variety of budgets in mind to suit all our customer’s needs.

At the top of the line you have our fully welded Transport Trolleys. These are manufactured to the highest quality in the UK, made from either powder coated or galvanised mild steel or stainless steel. Some of these trucks have a huge maximum load capacity of 1000Kgs and come in a wide assortment of platform sizes. Our range of standard platforms is vast, but we can also manufacture to your specific requirements.

Quality Components

High quality castors are featured on all our flatbed trolleys and the key to easy movement without, compromising health and safety. When moving heavy loads all unnecessary risks should be avoided, and manual handling training is vital. Quality castors and ergonomic designs will help users avoid any unnecessary injury that might come from using unwieldly equipment every day.

If you have any questions about our product range or wish to enquire about a bespoke Platform Truck, get in touch. Use our live chat or call our sales department and find the perfect handling and lifting solution for your workplace!