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Bottom Emptying Skips - ideal for storing and disposing of industrial waste

We offer a whole host of Drop Bottom Skip sizes to suit the needs of all kinds of workplaces with varying levels of waste materials to manage. The forklift sleeves on all of these products are designed for use with any standard forklift. Simply place the forks inside the sleeves, raise the skip and move into position over its final disposal point ready to be emptied. Depeding on the model, the bottom emptying mechanism can be activated either from the forklift driver's seat or using automatic activation plates, helping to streamline the whole process.

Unlike a traditional tipping skip which might not always get rid of the entire contents of the skip, a bottom emptying skip is sure to dispose of it all. There are no corners for waste to get trapped in and gravity will force all of the contents to fall straight out.

Stacking your Bottom Emptying Skips

For areas that need multiple skips but don't have a lot of space to spare, we offer Stacking Bottom Emptying Skips. By stacking these skips on top of each other you can save a lot of valuable floor space. Simply use a forklift truck to place the skips on top of each other in nests of up to 4 units high. This is also ideal for any areas where waste management levels vary greatly, having some stacked away when not in use, ready whenever they are needed.

If you need any more information on any of our skips, get in touch via live chat or over the phone. Our sales team can guide you to the perfect product and provide you with a quote!