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We’re proud to be leading UK suppliers of workbenches and workshop equipment. You'll notice we often update our range to meet our customer’s needs. Our categories are there to help find a product that’s right for you or your workplace. We have several options on our workbenches to best meet different customer needs. Options such as the bench’s framework, size and type of environment they’re required for. We also have a great list of workshop equipment (drawer cabinets, industrial seating e.t.c). Helping customers to design their ideal work space.


For workplace environments, we have industrial workbenches made to withstand everyday working requirements. This includes our popular Square Tube Industrial Workbench with a 500kg UDL Capacity. If you’re after a heavier load capacity, take a look at our heavy duty workbenches. Featuring benches with up to an impressive 1200kg UDL capacity. Most of our collection offer a choice of worktop surfaces. Such as, MFC, Linoleum, Beech and Laminate worktops.

As well as this, we recently added Packing Benches to our range. Suitable for the packaging industry. these workbenches have great accessories unique to packaging requirements. Accessories such as roll holders and cutting knives. Featuring Pack Tek benches - highly regarded as appropriate workstations for their industry.

Furthermore, our Electro-Static Discharge Workbenches prove popular for electrical environments. These benches reduce the risk of ESD events occurring. Which helps prevent the chance of damage to electrical components. Available with Neostat and Lamstat worktops and a list of anti-static accessories. Including Insulating Strips and Earth/Ground Leads designed to protect the worker.


Our height adjustable workbenches offer flexibility and comfort to the user. A great example of this is in our high quality Binary Benches - the user can adjust their working height. Useful when wanting to switch from a standing to seated position.

Another bench that optimises comfort is our Cantilever benches. Unique in framework design, they provide extra leg room and easy side access. The Cantilever design is available across several core workbench ranges. Keep an eye out for the different framework style!


Budget workbenches offer great value for money and are useful for DIY enthusiasts. These benches still have lower shelf storage options as well as load capacities of up to 400kg! Our pick of the budget range is our TUFF Budget Workbench. They are high-quality, cost-effective solutions for general use. We've sold these versatile workbenches to computer technicians, florists and small businesses. It has a bolt-less construction that makes it easy to assemble quickly.

Our customer's needs vary. For instance, our Stainless Steel Workbenches are great for use in hygienic facilities. Where as our Wooden Workbenches are more suited for home workshops.


Our top of the range Euroslide Drawer Cabinets are great for the kitting out workshops. Popular in small areas or entire workshops and are ideal for the automotive trade. Browse the range and create a bespoke layout your workshop. Our Projects page shows some great examples of the work we've completed for customers. 

Additionally, we have Industrial Seating that are ready to buy with our workbenches. As well as Industrial Workstations that are compatible with PC Monitors when required.

If you need any other help creating the ideal workplace for your business, please get in touch. Use our live chat, email or call service. We'll be happy to assist with planning, buying as well as installation. We can find the best product for your requirements and do all the hard work for you!