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Our wide range of workbenches are ideal sturdy tables for manual work. Every workbench varies in design for specific tasks but also share common attributes. These include a comfortable working height or height adjustment, some have under bench storage. Others have accessories for mounting and storing tools. This category also features products for your garage workshop, including drawer cabinets for storing power tools, vices for mounting work items to workbenches and task seating to allow you to work in comfort.

We understand that workbenches are an integral part of many businesses. They are not a one size fits all solution. Beyond our budget and general purpose workbench options that are suitable for most users, you'll find workbenches for heavy duty use, industrial use & even specialist anti static workbenches.

Industrial Workbenches

Industrial workbenches and workstations provide a flat surface to work on, plus optional storage and accessories to keep your workspace clear and tools nearby. With optional add-ons such as storage cupboards, drawers and accessories, there are endless possibilities to customise your workshop. You can choose from lighting solutions, pin board options, tool racks and additional plug sockets. With the versatility of the different features you can apply, you can adapt the workbench to suit your specifications.

Our SQ workbenches are a popular workbench choice. They make excellent multi use work surfaces and can fit right in to production lines. Manufactured with square tube steel frames, they have a weight capacity of 200kg-500kg perfect for all industrial environments. The industrial workbenches also have a choice of multiple worktop surfaces. These include laminate, MFC, linoleum and even solid wood, all offering a professional finish. We are certain you'll find an option that's perfect for you.

Heavy Duty Workbenches

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing, you won't find a more comprehensive range of heavy duty workbenches anywhere else. Our range includes benches with weight capacities up to 1200kg, which allows these workbenches to live up to their title of heavy duty. They have fully welded steel heavy duty frames for extra strength and robustness, complete with solid work surfaces including metal.

All of our heavy duty workbenches have stand out features that guarantees it will withstand more intense usage than standard options.

  • Thicker worktops and steel legs - These features create a strong metal workbench, reliable and affordable that doesn't compromise quality.
  • Heavy duty accessories - Built to a heavy duty specification to cope with rigours of a manufacturing environment.
  • Storage Options - Having space to store tools and materials is a vital feature to allow a productive workstation

A workbench for every budget

We have value for money workbenches that suit several task requirements. Even our DIY enthusiast customers find them useful! Make sure you look at our budget collection, where you'll find great value for money benches without storage. They are great for general use and their bolt-less designs allows them to be assembled in minutes.

Our pick of the budget range is our TUFF Budget Workbench. They are high-quality, cost-effective solutions for general use. We've sold these versatile workbenches to computer technicians, florists and small businesses. Each one is suitable for packing and larger businesses find them ideal for use in their warehouse. It has a bolt-less construction that makes it easy to assemble quickly. The TUFF range all includes a welded frame bench and a cost-effective heavy duty option. Don't confuse cheap with low-quality - they are great!

We even have a few wooden work bench options, with a great value wooden workbench and a larger more robust bench with optional wood vice and accessories to hold your wood working tools.

Workshop benches

Our top of the range Euroslide system is great for kitting out a small area or any entire workshop and are ideal for the automotive trade. The range is made up of benches and drawer cabinets that are well-known to be versatile and robust workbenches. They allow the user to create a bespoke storage system for tools or parts, making the perfect workshop bench to suit them.

We even provide a range of Packing Benches, essential for any despatch and packaging service. These benches will help streamline your process and can be configured to meet the precise needs of its user.

At Workplace Products, over 70% of our products are made in the UK. You can be assured that all our workbenches are of the highest-quality. If you have a project and have multiple workbench requirements, workbenches are manufactured and configured to suit. With the unique selection options you can customise your workbench to fit all of your requirements.

If you need any other help creating the ideal workbench for your business, get in touch. Use the live chat, email or call us for information, planning, buying and installation advice. We can find the best product for your requirements and do all the hard work for you!