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We've been providing customers with work bench and workshop equipment since 1972. Like much of our range, we manufacture workbenches here inside our 110,000 square ft UK facility. Our facility features machinery like Robot Welding and an Automated Powder Coating Plant. As well as lights out Punching & Bending machinery. These investments help us be versatile with customer's needs. Also helping to reduce our working days lead times. This makes us a great supplier for when time is of the essence.


Besides our manufacturing capability, we have great relationships with chosen suppliers. This enables us to provide a wide range of workbench solutions. As well as providing FREE UK Delivery on all orders.

For workplace environments, we have industrial workbenches. A product range made to withstand everyday work use. This includes our popular Square Tube Industrial Workbench. With a 500kg UDL Capacity, it's our best seller. If you’re after a heavier load capacity, take a look at our heavy duty workbenches. Featuring benches with up to an impressive 1200kg UDL capacity. Most of our collection offer a choice of worktop surfaces. Such as, MFC, Linoleum, Beech and Laminate worktops.


Additionally, we've added Packing Benches to our range. Suitable for the packaging industry or businesses that package in-house. These workbenches have great accessories unique to packaging requirements. Accessories such as roll holders and cutting knives. We regard Pack Tek benches as appropriate workstations for this sector.

Working around electricity? Our Electro-Static Discharge Workbenches prove popular for this. These benches reduce the risk of ESD events occurring. As well as reducing the chance of damage to electrical components. Available with Neostat and Lamstat worktops and a list of anti-static accessories. Including Insulating Strips and Earth/Ground Leads designed to protect the worker.

After some flexibility in heights? Our height adjustable workbenches offer flexibility and comfort to the user. The users can adjust their working height. Useful when wanting to switch from a standing to seated position. For instance, from a height of 660mm to 1300mm. A great example of this is in our high-quality Binary Benches. Another bench that optimises comfort is our Cantilever benches. Unique in their design, they provide extra leg room and easy side access. Of course, our customers have different preferences. Some may prefer a cantilever design, whilst others choose a traditional framework. 


DIY Worker? Budget workbenches offer great value for money and are useful for DIY enthusiasts. These benches still have lower shelf storage options as well as load capacities of up to 400kg! Our pick of the budget range is our TUFF Budget Workbench. They are high-quality, cost-effective solutions for general use. We sell these versatile workbenches to various sectors. Particularly in small businesses, this range is popular. It has a bolt-less construction that makes it easy to assemble in next-to-no time.

In need of something different? Our customer's needs vary and we cater to that. Whilst some ask us for Metal Workbenches others prefer an all-wooden construction. Likewise, our Stainless-Steel Workbenches are in great demand for hygienic facilities. The choice is yours!


Our most exciting arrival right now? Our TUFF range with various storage solutions. We always look to improve. To illustrate this, we had a product performance review on our own brand. Upon doing so, we found a way to update our popular TUFF Storage range. The results? A revamp to the weight capacity and performance of our TUFF Storage Benches! Now stronger and sturdier than before. Now more available on Next Working Day Delivery. They're also at great prices! It's a win-win situation!


Kitting out a workshop? The top of the range Euroslide Drawer Cabinets are great for this. Specifically, within the automotive trade they have proven very popular. But we do supply various sectors with the Euroslide collection. Browse the range and create your own bespoke layout! Our Projects page shows some great examples of the work we've completed for customers. You can view our Projects Page via our Blog.

Additionally, we have Industrial Seating that work great with our workbenches. As well as Industrial Workstations that are compatible with PC Monitors when required. We think we've said enough! So, take a look around and remember that we're only a Live Chat away!

If you need any other help creating the ideal workplace for your business, please get in touch. Use our live chat, email or call service. You can also use our Request a Quote section. This is available at the bottom left of each web page. Our friendly sales team will be happy to help. We'll be happy to assist with planning, buying as well as installation. We can find the best product for your requirements and do all the hard work for you!