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Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables and Trolleys

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Here you'll find a range of versatile Scissor Lift Tables that have been specifically sourced so you can add flexibility to your working environment. Ideal for a multitude of applications, a Scissor Lift Table is typically used to safely lift and handle heavy loads but can also act as a robust workbench, table extension or a lifting trolley!

A Single Scissor Lift Table can be manually or electronically operated and is ideal for the steady lifting and transporting of heavy loads. Capable of lifting a heavier load capacity than its Double Scissor counterparts, the Single Scissor Table is ideal for heavy duty work.

A Double Scissor Lift Table can also be manually or electronically operated. These lifting tables are typically taller and therefore able to reach, transport or lift loads of larger heights (as high as 1300mm).

The compact and adaptable design of all our range of scissor lift tables means they can be used to transport and lift heavy goods as well as be used as a height-adjustable workbench or a handy scissor lift trolley.

Who needs them?

Scissor Lift Tables are suitable for many workplaces and industries, including warehouses, garages, loading bays, construction sites or the material-handling sector. Their versatile nature means they can be used for multiple tasks.

For example, a scissor lift table can become a transport trolley in a production line to transport and lift products to packaging and shipping areas.  Another use for mobile scissor lift tables is as a side table at the beginning or end of a production line. Two of the castors on each table have sturdy brakes to ensure no movement when awkward machinery is being worked on.

Scissor Lift Tables can also be operated as material handling lift tables, a real timesaver when working on intricate mechanical parts within an automotive garage or warehouse setting.

Whatever your scissor lift tables are required for, you can be rest assured that these versatile products will solve all your material handling problems.

Manual Scissor Lift Tables

All of our Manual Scissor Lift Tables are hydraulic, CE Marked and comply with EN1570:2011, ensuring their high quality and safe production. All these hydraulic scissor lift tables are fully mobile with robust castors and wheel guards to ensure easy movement and also a steady base to work on when needed. The lifting tables are available with load capacities from 150kg up to 1000kg.

The Manual Scissor Lift Tables are easily height-adjustable to suit the user’s requirements and are simply elevated by a pump action foot pedal and lowered by the use of hand operated hand trigger.

You won’t find hydraulic lift table prices or a lifting trolley price so cost-effective anywhere else! Our hydraulic lift tables are delivered straight to you within three working days. A Next Day Delivery upgrade is also available for those who need an immediate fix. Simply add the ND25 product to your basket before 1pm and receive your lift table the next day.

Electric Scissor Lift Tables

Our Electric Scissor Lift Tables are the perfect solution for those who want an effortless solution for the lifting and handling of heavy goods. These scissor lift tables are ideal for more heavy duty applications, such as for use in warehouses, garages and production lines. All electronic lift tables are CE marked and feature an anti-crush protection system to help prevent injuries while the table is being used.

Additionally, our electronic scissor tables are manufactured completely static and feature a simple to use control box for elevating and lowering the table. Check out the Powered HD range of scissor lifts to find out more.

Specialised Scissor Lift Tables

Need a scissor lift table for a specific function? We stock a U-Shaped Lifting Table for when heavy duty goods need to be introduced via a hand pallet truck.

For those particularly heavy goods, the Low Height Scissor Lift Table complete with control box and access ramp is the ideal solution.

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