Shelving & Storage

Shelving and Storage Systems

You will need good quality and reliable shelving or racking in order to create a productive storage system.

Available in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Our comprehensive range of storage products are perfect for almost all items. From lightweight item storage to storage for large and heavy items.

Before you purchase. We advise that you closely calculate the requirements of your storage shelves. This will help determine whether you will exceed the shelf load capacity or total bay capacity of your new racking or shelving. This will consequently help to ensure you do not overload your storage racking.Workplace Products offer one of the U.K's largest selections of shelving, racking and storage products. Therefore we are confident we will find you the perfect product. Our range includes:

Shelving Systems

A collection of light, mid and heavy duty shelving units all built to withstand some of the most demanding environments. From warehouses, garages and workshops, to commercial stores, retail stores and kitchens stores. Their high quality finish and value for money reassures their ability to deliver reliability and versatility.

Racking Systems

This section offers racking and storage solutions for almost any environment. Our new racking collection brings a wide choice of racking systems, from longspan racking to tyre racking.

Importantly, at Workplace Products we understand that good quality industrial racking is an essential part of success in any warehouse or storeroom. Therefore, to help ensure that you reap the benefits of your new racking system, we can arrange a free site survey and no obligation quote. As knowledgeable pallet racking specialists, we can provide professional advice, as well as site surveys and installation services. Simply get in touch with our dedicated Sales Team on live chat.

Storage Cupboards and Cabinets

Our shelving & storage collection also includes storage cupboards. These industrial storage cupboards are extremely robust and versatile. As a result of this, they are able to provide a practical storage solution for offices, warehouses, schools and colleges. Their design will allow you to use them as a stand alone utility cupboard or to simply bolt the units together in a complete run along a wall. Furthermore, our storage cabinets are available with a variety of optional extras. These include (but are not limited to) additional shelves, extra compartments, worktops and many more.

Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers offer a long lasting and cost effective answer to all your storage needs. Available in an array of sizes, they boast durability and corrosion resistance, which makes them ideal for almost any environment.


The use of storage pallets offers quick and easy transportation of goods. As well as this They also reduce the risks of damage to goods, while enhancing organisation. Better organisation of stock with a more streamlined dispatch process can considerably increase workflow and productivity.

Shelving Labels & Identification

Finally, regardless of how good your shelving system is. Without effective signage and labeling, your teams will struggle to navigate it. That is why we also offer Shelving Labels and Identification products. Our wide range of shelving and racking labels will enable you to establish a clear and productive storage system. View the range today to increase workflow and productivity.