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Shelving & Storage

When it comes to creating a clean & tidy environment, there is a demand for storage solutions to provide a reliable system to effectively store light or heavy duty items. At Workplace Products we can provide a range of shelving & storage systems that will create an modern working space. From industrial shelving units to office shelving bays. We guarantee that our range will fulfil all of your shelving demands. But, it doesn't stop there. Additionally, within our range we include a range of cupboards, cabinets, plastic storage boxes, pallet racking and so much more. 


If you require a heavy duty shelving system, you've come to the right place. Our range of heavy duty shelving bays can withstand the most demanding environments, whilst still offering a reliable and durable shelving solution. Manufactured to the highest of qualities, our range of heavy duty shelving is constructed from steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. Our heavy duty shelving units are ideal for a variety of working conditions. They can be easily placed in offices, factories, schools and factories due to their robust nature. 

However, when looking to purchase an heavy duty shelving system it's important to check the shelving load capacity. This will establish whether to shelving bay will suit your requirements and if it can withstand the weights required. 


Storage shelving is ideal for stock that is awkward to store. With a selection of storage shelving to pick from, we've provided a choice of compartment bays, archive shelving and storage boxes to fulfil all of your requirements. One of our most popular storage shelving units is our TUFF Compartment bays. These compartment bays provide the storage of small materials for quick and easy access. Additionally, within our storage shelving selection we have provided storage kits. Our storage kits included a shelving bay with a selection of storage boxes, from transparent to colourful storage boxes to safety stock goods. 

Our range of storage shelving can be placed in all working environments, whether you're looking to tidy up your office to tidying children's toys away. These units provide a study and reliable shelving system that will effectively organise all goods away. 


Within our range of shelving & storage, we have included a vast range of storage cupboards. Whilst being extremely robust, they provide an effective storage solution for offices, warehouses, schools and colleges. With their ability to be placed together to complete a run along a wall or to stand alone, they're an ideal solution to kit out any premises. Additionally, our storage cupboards come with a variety of options. Extra's such as additional shelves, compartments, worktops plus many other accessories. They can be tailored to all of your requirements to ensure that they are an ideal fit for your workplace. 


Whilst providing shelving and storage solutions for a variety of environments. Included within our range is a full selection of pallet racking systems from longspan racking to tyre racking. We understand that industrial racking is an essential part in any warehouse. So, to ensure that we can cater to all of your needs, we offer a free site survey and planning service to help create a effective racking system. As pallet racking specialists, we can provide surveys and installations to remove all the stress that comes along with the process.


These are just a few of off the thousands of products we have included within our shelving and storage range. With utility cupboards, mobile tubs, security cupboards, plastic shelving plus hundreds of other storage systems. We can safely say that our range will provide a vast selection of unique and essential shelving and storage requirements. 

But we understand that because our range is so large, you may need a little extra help understanding what you want. So, if you require further assistant, advice or help on any of our storage shelving systems or storage cupboards. Our sales team are seconds away via live chat. They will happily answer any questions you have regarding our shelving and storage systems.