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School Lockers

School Lockers for all key stage groups

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Our School lockers come in different sizes to suit the changing height of pupils throughout primary school, secondary school and beyond. All of the lockers in this section have strong metal frames and doors to stand up to the demands of day to day use in a school.

Primary School Lockers

For the younger children in schools, especially Early Years, KS1 and KS2, we have Primary School Lockers. These are specially designed school lockers that are not the standard locker dimensions. They are just over 1300mm in height and easier for small children to reach their compartments and use. They still have the same robust features and specification as our standard lockers so there's no compromise on quality. We can even come out to your primary school and help plan your storage space.

High School Lockers

Our lockers for high schools are specifically selected to stand up to the wear and tear you would expect in a school environment. They are a standard school locker size at 1800mm in height. This is still easily accessed by any younger students but offers far more storage space. We have also included our vision door lockers here. These allow for easy spot checks by members of staff to make that no students are abusing their locker privileges. The perspex panels allow for a quick visual check whilst leaving the lockers secure. All our lockers for high schools are also ideal for other areas of education including colleges and universities.

What are the best lockers for your school?

There are a few things you need to do when choosing the right lockers for your school.

  • Calculate the number of compartments required per locker to accommodate all your students
  • Select the locker height appropriate for the range of ages that will be using the lockers daily
  • Select the compartment size; 2, 3 and 4 doors are popular choice that fit rucksacks, sports bags, coats etc.
  • Choose a locking mechanism; key operated locks for high schools and key-less options for primary schools
  • Order nests of lockers for a more cost effective storage solution for your school

We have a wide range of locker colours available that are easy on the eye. Use an array of door colours to help bright your corridors and improve the overall appearance of your school.

Most of our school lockers have in-built anti-bacterial agents that work within the paint finish. These finishes help stop the spread of germs in the school by actively killing off any bacteria that comes into contact with the locker finish.

Locker experts at Workplace Products are always happy to help

Our locker ranges are quite straight forward to select and configure but if you would like some specialist help then contact us and speak to one of our locker experts. We will make sure you’re getting some of the best school lockers for sale in the UK.

We also offer a free site survey and quotation service, so why not get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you and discuss your school locker requirements.