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See a decrease in absences and improved production with these versatile, employee-friendly Height Adjustable Workbenches. Our range of workbenches are designed to turn demanding workspaces into ergonomic environments.

Adjusting your workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches are simple and safe to operate. They are designed with heavy duty use in demanding assembly areas and workshops in mind but also aim to be employee-friendly and ergonomic. They are as durable as our industrial workbenches but with the additional adjustable flexibility.

There are 3 different mechanisms available to adjust the working height of the bench between its various heights.

Perhaps the simplest and most cost effective option you can choose is the allen key height adjustment mechanism. When the screws are loosened, at intervals down the edge of the bench legs, the height can be adjusted. Then when tightened again they keep the new level firmly in place, ready for work to resume.

The second option is adjustment via a manual hand crank. All you need to do is turn the conveniently placed hand crank clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise or lower the workbench to the desired height.

The third way of adjusting the workbench height is by using an electric motor. Simply press the easily accessible up and down buttons to achieve the perfect working height for your current job. This is the quickest and easiest way to change the workbench height and keep production rolling.

Sit or stand?

A height adjustable workbench offers the user the flexibility to either sit or stand during their working day. This choice is either based on their comfort or determined by other factors such as the size and weight of the object they are working with.

This means that you no longer need two separate workbenches for jobs that require standing and those that require sitting. A height adjustable workbench is versatile enough to handle both tasks, and everything in between.

The flexibility that can be achieved is also useful if several people use the same workstation. It allows the workspace to always compliment the user’s requirements and adapt to their workload, making it perfect for shift based work.

Improve ergonomics with accessories

Our ranges of Treston Workbenches and our Premium Height Adjustable Workbenches have optional accessories to further improve them. These accessories range from useful below bench storage, to keep necessary items at hand, to additional lighting, to improve visibility for the users.

The above bench accessories create a comfortable vertical working area and the adjustable arms can be used to make sure that the reach zone is not too large. This ensures that the users aren’t over stretching to reach parts or tools and will help them avoid any repetitive strain over time.

Using height adjustable workbenches in combination with their accessories can create the perfect ergonomic area, specifically tailored for your workspace. This will lead to both improved productivity and an increase in the consistency and the quality of your end product.

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