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Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches by Treston

Height Adjustable Workbenches are designed to turn demanding assembly areas into ergonomic environments. Decrease absenteeism and improve production with these versatile, employee-friendly benches.

Height Adjustable Workbenches are simple and safe to operate. Each workbench is adjustable for a variety of tasks because they can be adjusted from 700 to 1100mm. There are 3 mechanisms (ways) available to choose from that can be used to adjust the working height.

Firstly you can use an Allen key to adjust the height. This works by having screws at intervals down the edge of the bench legs that can be loosened to allow adjustment, then tightened to keep the new level firmly in place.

The second option is adjustment via manual hand crank. Simply, you need to turn the hand crank clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise or lower the working height.

The third way of adjusting the work height is by using an electric motor. All you need to do is press an 'up' or 'down' button. This is the safest way to adjust the working height because it uses minimal human intervention to use.

Each adjustable workbench caters for standing or seated users. The beauty of this is that you can use one height adjustable workbench for a multitude of tasks and for multiple users. This is especially useful to keep costs lower whilst being used for shift work.

All workbenches are heavy duty and will provide years of continual use.

Generous worktop depth along with an intelligent design of a broad range of workbench accessories ensure that everything is within easy reach.

Height adjustable workbench worktops are made of 25mm Laminated Particle Board

A flush workbench footprint allows workbenches to be placed side-by-side, back-to-back, or right up against walls with no unnecessary gaps.

Each height adjustable workbench is supplied flat packed.

Extra strength and durability in the frame is achieved by interlocking aluminium profiles, providing a strong, rigid steel frame that is powder coated light grey (RAL 7035).

For a more accurate working height adjustable feet are included for fine levelling.

Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Workbenches

This product is a heavy duty version of the height adjustable workbench that can take a capacity of 200kg safe working load when evenly distributed.

Ergonomic Workbenches with brand new LED light fittings

Led lights are available with the Treston Ergonomic Workbenches. You should really consider them for a number of reasons. Standard fluorescent lights get warm. When you stand under them all day it gets uncomfortable. Further to this they are 5 times cheaper to run and you get 50,000 hours out of them before you have to replace them. Standard fluorescent lights only last around 10,000 hours before replacing them. So these both aspects are 5 times better than the old lights.

2 other reasons to buy: People who wear glasses get glare from the old lights. The Treston Led lights have less glare and you can adjust the angle to suit your job and to keep the light off your face. The last innovation of these LED lights is that they have a dimmer switch. You can't turn them completely off with the dimmer switch. The range of light alters from 10 - 100%.

For any enquiries please let us know via Live Chat or Call. Our friendly, knowledgeable Sales Team are ready to point you in the right direction.

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