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Work platforms offer a safe and secure solution to work at low to medium heights. With a selection of hop-up platforms to podium platforms, our range covers a varied selection of work platforms. Within some ranges, handrails are available to create an platform solution for a taller working height to ensure additional safety.The handrails not only make it easier to get on top of the platform but they also offer another point of contact to the user whilst the platform is in use.

Modular platforms are ideal to create walkways. Our Fort Adjustable Work Platform can be placed alongside each other to help create walkways and still provide users with heights of up to H300mm. We also have portable work platforms that provide users with the same functionalities, but can easily be transported around facilities. Mobile work platforms offer the ability to move with ease, there's simply no restrictions. Place the work platform down and hop-on, it's that simple. 

Aluminium Platforms for Durability

Most of our platforms are made from aluminium or steel to ensure they can handle regular heavy duty work. This makes them the perfect solution for an industrial setting. They can be consistently used without worrying that they will get damaged or break. We also offer some fibreglass solutions. These include small hop-ups with fibreglass legs for safely carrying out low level electrical work and large Fibreglass Podium Steps for jobs that need a taller working height.

If you need any help in selecting your work platforms, get in touch with us either over the phone or using our live chat. One of our sales team will help you create a run of work platforms, perfect for your workplace.