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Security Seals are used in a variety of different industries to provide a deterrent and indication of any tampering with important items.

All the security seals in this section are an ideal way of labelling and securing luggage, fire extinguishers, personnel files and more. They are a simple yet effective way of proving that goods have not been tampered with, meeting any health and safety regulations or security procedures.

We have a variety of different security seals available here for you to choose from, each one ideal for different scenarios. All of the tamper evident seals we offer are made from durable materials including both plastics and metals. This means that they won't be accidentally damaged or come loose until they are deliberately removed. Generally, plastic seals are sold in larger pack quantities of 1000 pieces as they are intended for regular use, broken and replaced relatively often. More robust seals are sold in smaller pack quantities because they are less disposable and are often used for protecting higher value items.