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  • Health and Safety Tips – World Day for Safety at Work


    Health and Safety Tips in the Workplace To raise awareness of World Day for Health and Safety at Work we have put together key tips and recommendations on cost-effective equipment to keep your employees safe at work. Workplace Products are always safeguarding the health and safety of our employees. Promoting and creating a Health and Safety culture in the workplace can reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries. Certain work safety tips can be followed by all employees, creating a safer work environment for all. The following tips will help mitigate

  • Exclusive TUFF Products of 2022

    Tuff Products - 2022

    At Workplace Products we offer a huge range of credible and high-quality TUFF Products to meet all your needs. Our TUFF products are continuously bestsellers, and the reasoning for that could not be more clear. Quality products at affordable prices. The products speak for themselves.  Whether you’ve started the new year off by developing a hobby and need a heavy duty workbench or your garage has become too clustered and shelving is the only way forward. Workplace Products has you covered. TUFF Workbenches Our TUFF Workbenches are popular with customers. Why you make

  • Merry Christmas from Workplace Products

      We wish you all a Merry Christmas from Workplace Products.  We’d like to use this occasion to express our gratitude to all of our customers who placed purchases with us in 2021.  Thank you for choosing Workplace Products as your business products provider; we’ve witnessed a significant increase in online inquiries/orders. 2021, a year certainly full of surprises. Here at Workplace Products, we understand how unforgettable this year has been. For that reason, we have put extra effort into providing the highest quality products/services for our customers. We’re sure having new

  • TUFF Garage Shelving

    At Workplace Products we offer a range which is called TUFF Garage Shelving. This is an affordable option whilst still maintaining the quality expected from this type of shelving. Our shelving offers a way to re-organise spaces such as garages and workshops. The design helps to optimise any space you have. Whilst remaining strong, reliable and easy to construct. What Load Capacities of TUFF Garage Shelving are there? 100kg UDL – H1760 x W900 x D300/450/600mm with 5 chipboard shelves. Specially designed for DIY and light storage use. 200kg UDL – H1760 x

  • How do you Open a Locker?

    Open a Locker Thumbnail

    There are a lot more ways to open a locker door than you might think. This all comes down to the type of locks you choose to install in your locker doors. At Workplace Products, we aim to offer our customers as much customisation for their lockers as possible. Just see how many different locker configurations we offer here! Cam Lock These are one of the most common type of lock which use a single key to open a locker. It’s because of this that most of the Lockers on our website

  • Project – School Cycle Racks

    Project - School Cycle Racks

    Bike storage is a popular addition for many schools. It is an excellent way to encourage young students to learn how to ride bikes and engage in more exercise. Earlier this year a Primary School made an enquiry with our sales department about providing cycle storage for their students. After reviewing their requirements, our sales team decided to recommend our Sheffield Cycle Racks. They are our best selling solution for schools as they are reliable and easy to use. Click here to view our Sheffield Cycle Racks Site Visit and Installation To

  • Industrial Racking for the Workplace

    Industrial Racking For The Workplace

    Getting the correct Industrial Racking for your workplace is an important step for any company. This is so crucial to ensure a neat and safe working environment. We offer a wide selection of racking to suit all requirements. So whether you have a small or large space we can recommend the best heavy duty racking for you. Industrial Racking is a cost-effective way to store heavy goods and pallets. The heavy duty racking offers full support to all material stored. Due to there being so many different combination options, which are made

  • Why Choose a Static Scissor Lift?

    Why Choose Static Small Image

    There are a lot of different tools available for moving heavy objects whilst at work. This includes a range of mobile options including sack trucks, picking trolleys and pallet trucks. So, when do you need to choose a Static Scissor Lift? A Permanent Solution Static scissor lifts are exactly what they sound like. They are lift tables designed for you to leave in one place as a permanent lifting solution. This makes them ideal for adding to a production line or any other consistent work flow. If your work doesn’t need to

  • Project – School Classroom & Cloakroom Lockers

    In 2020 we received an enquiry from a Primary School looking to update their changing facilities. They needed more storage and wanted to offer their students secure locker spaces. This project  would also include a few particular requirements. The school needed specific sizes and functionality to make them suitable for their corridors and room shapes. Choosing Armour School Lockers After talking through the school’s requirements our sales team decided Armour School Lockers would be the best fit. Not only do they have a wide range of sizes to pick from they also

  • Picking the right TUFF warehouse steps for you!

    When picking the right TUFF warehouse steps for you, it’s important to look at the options and decide which will work best in the environment you have along with the best for safety. Below are some of our warehouse step options and some information about them to help you choose. Classic Warehouse Steps Our classic warehouse steps are available in 2-5 treads. They come in 8 unique colours with a hard-wearing paint finish. Perfect for a variety of household and working environments, when getting to hard to reach places. The option of