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  • Upgrade your School Canteen this Summer!

    We understand it can be overwhelming when choosing the right school canteen furniture to suit your environment! The furniture you require may depend on the number of students and whether the school is a primary or secondary school. In this blog we will run through the benefits of upgrading, as well as recommendations for schools so you know all the facts before purchasing this summer! Why should you Upgrade your School Furniture?⬆️ Whatever the age, all students require the opportunity to eat, socialise and rest during their lunch breaks. Generally, this allows

  • Legal requirements for lifting equipment

    Scissor lifts in your workplace Scissor lifts are designed to lift heavy duty items from one height to another. They are often used in areas such as construction sites, factories and warehouse environments. Lift tables come in a variety of different variations and choosing which one to opt for can be very important. At Workplace Products we offer a wide range of lifting equipment to suit different needs and wants of customers. For example, the load capacity, size dimensions and lift height are three key points new and existing customers should look

  • Ultimate Guide to Storing Hazardous Substances

    At Workplace Products understand it can be overwhelming when it comes to controlling hazardous substances. However, ensuring the safe storage of substances is essential to protect workforces and public safety. Moreover, this ultimate guide to hazardous substances will give you a proper understanding of COSHH regulations. What are Hazardous Substances? A hazardous substance is anything hazardous to health. This can include, chemicals, fumes, dust, and more… This can include cleaning agents, paint, gases and biological agents such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. Often we overlook these are general day-to-day products, therefore ensuring


    This year employees at Workplace Products are really investing their time in helping charities across the UK. After months of hard work and training, our Marketing Manager’s time to shine has come! Aodhan will be competing in a Ultra White Collar Boxing event on the 13th of April. He will be fighting for his chosen charity Macmillan to raise as much money for the charity that is close to his heart. The UWCB event gives people with no boxing background the opportunity to fight against people from similar backgrounds. Also, getting in

  • A Guide to Warehouse Steps

    Why choose Warehouse Steps? Warehouse Steps are suitable for a variety of environments to help access every working height. At Workplace Products, we stock a number of different warehouse steps with options including number of treads, finishes and tread types. We feature UK Made, high quality steps with fast and free UK delivery! Our specialist warehouse ranges include TUFF and Climb-It, amongst other warehouse steps, due to their durability and customer guarantees. This blog will give you insight into the benefits of each type of warehouse step, where to use it and

  • Everything about Canteen Furniture Projects!

    Introduction to Canteen Furniture New canteen furniture is sometimes all establishments need to feel more modern, fresh and fit for purpose. When deciding whether to go ahead with a canteen refurbishment, it is vital to consider a variety of different aspects before committing to any major project. It is best to start with what the establishment looks like currently, and what you want it to look like once the project has been completed. Therefore, drawing plans and ideas is a great place to start. This will then give you the numbers and

  • An Ultimate Guide to Cycling-to-Work

    What is a Cycle to work scheme? The Cycle to Work Scheme is not new! In fact, in the UK, the scheme started in 1999, as part of the governmen’ts commitment to work towards a healthier and more sustainable transport. This scheme was created to give an incentive to employees to embrace cycling as an option for traveling to and from work. Cycling became particularly popular during lockdown, with people off work and enjoying the amazing weather! During 2020, GOV.UK has revealed that cycling trips actually increased by 26% in this period.

  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts – Handling & Lifting

    Investing in Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment Large, heavy-duty equipment is essential for many industries. Especially ones that handle large maintenance projects and need to raise bulky loads to specific heights. If customers choose to not invest in extra heavy duty lift tables, they could risk harm to their employees. These consequences could be huge. So in this blog we will understand the pros of investing in large scissor lifts and find out of it is a worthy investment for industries. Looking to make material handling easier in your workplace? Then having outstanding


    Our installation team have been busy since the turn of the year fitting new TUFF storeroom shelving up and down the country. Storeroom shelving, like storage for offices and stockrooms, is incredibly popular. Our latest installation is for Emballator Packaging UK. Our mission with every shelving install is to ensure we deliver and assemble all units promptly and efficiently. Whether the project is big or small, we commit to exceptional customer service from start to finish. How it started… EPUK discovered TUFF shelving through Workplace Products. Our shelving category has a fantastic

  • Our Best Selling Products Of 2023

    Over the past year, Workplace Products has been working hard to ensure allof our customers receive the best quality products for their workplaceenvironment. As some of our loyal customers will know, our TUFF range is avariety of different workplace equipment that we recommend if customers areafter high-quality, long-lasting, and fast-delivery items. TUFF LOCKERS Firstly, the high-quality TUFF Locker range is a great, cost-effective solution forbusinesses. Firstly, the main purpose of the lockers is to keep items safe andsecure. This can be in environments such as schools, offices, gyms and publicspaces. The TUFF