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  • School Essentials – Lockers


    It’s that time again, schools have broken up for their 6 weeks holiday & it’s a dream to get into work as we don’t have to battle with the school run. But for many schools, it’s time to re-think decor and decide whether to update lockers and cloakroom furniture. As we enter this new school term, it’s important to consider entering 2020 with a whole new vibe. It’s been proven that creating a modern and refreshing environment improves morale, de-stresses pupils and creates a welcoming environment where students feel at ease. Furniture

  • Workbenches for Heavy Duty Requirements

    Do You Require a Heavy Duty Workbench? Heavy Duty Workbenches are for users who require maximum strength and durability from their work station. The equipment they use or will be working on will be of very heavy weight. The work that they do will be of a repetitive nature. It is therefore essential that the workbench is designed to withstand such treatment. In such circumstances, the wrong workbench could result in a damage to equipment, damage to the workbench and even serious risk to the user. At Workplace Products, we have a

  • Office Furniture – Preventing Back Problems

    Back problems are the cause of one in five staff absences within the workplace, having the correct office furniture can help reduce employee back pain and therefore, the absences related to this. It is important to have the correct workstation setup as this helps with posture and therefore reduces back pain. How to Setup your Workstation Correctly There are 6 key features of setting up your workstation. Elbow Measure – Rest your elbows on the work surface, checking that they are at a 90-degree angle. If they are not at 90 degrees

  • How to use TUFF Scissor Lifts

    Our TUFF Scissor Lifts are as simple to use as an industrial quality lift table can be. Each of the variations we offer are robust and ready for use in a matter of minutes. Single Scissor Lift Tables The majority of the trolley is already assembled and welded before delivery, leaving just the foot pump to be attached on all our single scissor models. To fully demonstrate this, we’ve even put together a short video to show you what the unboxing experience and general functionality is like:  Once the lift table

  • Waste Separation – Making waste separation easier!

    Waste Separation – 2015 Waste Regulations Ensuring your businesses waste is properly separated and disposed of is important to your company and the environment. Waste can easily be put in the incorrect bins by employees if they do not have easy access to the correct bins. The 2015 Waste Regulations saw a change in how businesses have to dispose of their waste. Businesses are now required to fully separate their waste into general and dry mixed recycling (paper, plastic, and glass). The idea behind the 2015 waste regulation is to improve recycling quantity

  • Industrial Shelving – The Basics for Health and Safety

    Industrial Shelving - Basics for Health and Safety

    Nowadays, making the most of warehouse space is vital. Helping ensure we can purchase and stockpile the necessary supplies for peaks in trade. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by implementing good quality and reliable industrial shelving or racking, although doing this can be somewhat complicated; surrounded by a mass of rules, regulations and guidelines. This article therefore aims to illustrate the basic requirements to help you make the best decision and investment. Industrial shelving and racking is typically available in many different heights, widths and depths. All

  • Essential Manual Lifting Equipment for Your Workplace

    According to the HSE, over a third of all workplace related injuries are caused by manual handling.  This alarming statistic goes to show just how important it is to have high quality and reliable manual lifting equipment in your workplace to avoid these injuries. Lifting injuries are often a result of repetitive strain or an incorrect technique when picking up heavy items. It’s because of this that the HSE recommend that employees should use handling equipment wherever possible. Doing this greatly reduces the risk of injury. This is great for the employee

  • Tool Storage Ideas: Keeping Your Garage Organised

    A cluttered workshop or garage is every workman’s nightmare. Searching for tools and components when working and not being able to find them, slows down tasks and causes frustration! The issue is – tool storage is not something any of us particularly want to concentrate on. Most workers have prioritised other things. Like the task at hand! Yet an organised workplace environment puts workers in a position to complete tasks quicker. In fast paced working environments this is particularly important. Which is why tool storage ideas is well worth the time thinking

  • Keeping Fit with Vélo Birmingham and Midlands 2019

    Velo Birmingham & Midlands 2019

    The Vélo Birmingham and Midlands (formerly Vélo Birmingham) has grown in popularity since its launch in September 2017. Attracting in excess of 17,000 dedicated cyclists this year, it ran over 100 miles of picturesque urban and suburban surroundings. Visiting areas of Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire, Dudley and Sandwell. Hailed by Team Ribble as being “Bigger and better than ever”. It benefits from closed road circuits, rugged cobbles in the 2021 city of culture and iconic climbs. Where participants can look forward to being greeted by streets lined with supporters throughout. Taking part in Vélo

  • We’re redefining lockers – Tuff Rustic Lockers

    Thumbnail - Redefining lockers

      Lockers are a functional element in any workplace, school or changing room in need of storage. With the majority sharing similar designs, it’s time to update and redefine our expectation of lockers. TUFF Rustic Lockers provide this advancement we’ve been waiting for, with a contemporary twist they create a modern feel whilst still providing storage. Some say a picture can speak a thousand words and in our case we couldn’t agree more. Whilst being visually appealing, TUFF rustic lockers change a whole atmosphere and throw us into a steampunk era that would suit