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  • A Workplace For Everyone – Creating a more inclusive workplace

    Employers should always be on the lookout for ways to make a more accessible and inclusive workplace for their staff. These changes can be to make adjustments for the comfort and wellbeing of current members of staff or to make a more accessible workplace that anyone can work in. Why invest in a more inclusive workplace? Taking time and using initiative to make adjustments for your staff shows a level of commitment. This won’t go unnoticed and that commitment will be returned by your work force. The changes you make will lead

  • 5 Ways to Increase your Cycling Motivation

    Just like with all exercise, cycling can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore. When your legs ache from a previous ride, or you’ve had a long day at work, getting up from the sofa and getting on your bike might seem like the last thing you want to do. But that’s the hardest part. Once you’re out there you won’t regret it. So what’s the best way to conquer a slump and get back on the saddle? We’ve put together some top tips to help motivate you to get out

  • Improve Productivity with Height Adjustable Workbenches

    Why choose a height adjustable workbench? We are always looking to improve productivity in the workplace. Taking steps to improve comfort whilst at work can be an incredibly effective way to do so. Height adjustable workbenches are an innovative and simple solution to this in industrial and manufacturing environments. Avoiding Injury In 2016, cases of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) made up 41% of work related illness. This is caused by uncomfortable working conditions and repetitive strain. The research from the Labour Forces Survey also suggests that an average of 16 days was lost

  • Industrial Shelving For Your Small Business

    Is shelving an overlooked element of your work space? Regardless of your companies’ size, be it based out of a garage or a warehouse, shelving is an absolute essential that is often overlooked. Industrial shelving is the cornerstone of organisation in a working environment. It offers up a far better use of space than having stock cluttering up the floor or resting precariously on flimsy shelves. It is because of this that investing in quality shelving is such an important step in improving and growing a small business. Invest early It may

  • Eurotech Racing: Using Euroslide for the 2017 BTCC season

      After launching with a media day at Donington, the 2017 season of the BTCC kicks off with its first official race this weekend, the Brands Hatch Indy. From there the season will run until the final race back at Brands Hatch at the end of September. Eurotech Racing, the team we at Workplace Products sponsor, will be aiming to open up the season with a successful race at the historic Kent track. There have been some major changes for the team since the last season, including a new signing. Jack Goff signed

  • How to raise funds for new School Lockers despite local budget cuts

    How to raise funds for School Lockers

    How to raise enough money to finally update your Changing Room with new School Lockers It is widely known that raising funding to upgrade your school lockers and sports facilities can be difficult. You have a plan but years of local authority cuts wont allow you to get it off the ground. So what do you do? Education Secretary Justine Greening announced on 28th February 2017 that Schools are set to receive £415 million to transform facilities. This will pay for facilities to support physical education, after-school activities and healthy eating. Good

  • The importance of UK Manufacturing

    The importance of UK Manufacturing

    Here at Workplace Products, we understand the growing importance of supporting the UK manufacturing industry. It has always been in our premise to source our products onshore (where possible) and maintain a close relationship with our UK supplier factories. In 2017, over 70% of our products are UK manufactured and we constantly strive to increase this figure. Better quality, better service Our commitment to British manufacturing means we have learnt a lot about our products and how they are made. From workbenches to lockers, the close relationship with our UK factories ensures our

  • Introducing TUFF Premium Tipping Skips

    TUFF Premium Tipping Skips Featured

    How to keep your workplace free from waste! Utilise your forklift truck and invest in a TUFF Premium Tipping Skip to keep your workplace clean and waste-free! Our tipping skips simply fasten to a forklift to achieve the safe and speedy removal of waste products. The ideal waste management solution Self-tipping skips are forklift attachments that ensure the easy collection and disposal of waste products. Self-tipping skips work by a manual tipping action. When the fork blades are positioned downwards, waste slides from the centre of the skip and is deposited into the chosen container

  • Packing Benches – How to perfect your business’s packing process

    Perfect your business's packing process

    Any business that provides a dispatch service will know how important it is to operate a well-organised packaging process. Packing benches are a surefire way to make your business’s packaging system a successful and efficient one. Packing stations conveniently allow the user to keep everything needed all in one place to economically pack products.  Therefore, saving space, time and money! It is vital to have a structured packing system in place to ensure that your customers are receiving their goods undamaged and professionally packaged. If your products are badly packaged, you risk losing repeat and

  • Introducing our new TUFF Value Shelving Range

    TUFF Value Shelving Range

    Optimise the space in your workplace! At Workplace Products, we’re constantly looking to develop new products for our customers that are affordable, high quality and can withstand the test of time in any work environment. Our new TUFF Value Shelving range provides a cost-effective and durable storage solution for any commercial or domestic customers looking to organise their workplace. With many options available to choose from, including our TUFF Value Shelving bundle deals. You can be rest assured that all your organisational and safety needs are being met. Quick and easy assembly