Small Parts Storage

Small Parts Storage

Our Workplace Products Small Parts Storage range features great items to organise workshop areas with. Small Parts refers to all those tiny but important items, such as nuts and bolts. Items that are essential for tasks but are often easy to misplace. The benefits of having small parts organised can result in an increase in productivity and efficiency. It provides worker's with the ability to locate equipment quicker as well as keeping your workshop organised. We're confident you'll find your small parts storage solutions in our range!

We've broken our range down in to categories. Our Stackable Part Bins are very popular and can be stacked as well as clipped onto. Also known as small part bins, they accept labels, great for keeping consistency in your storage. They're also available in different colours to match your workplace or help categorise items. These bins can clip on to Louvre Panels - which are panels that mount on to walls, workbenches and trolleys. Be sure to check out our Louvre Panels category for more info!

Additionally, we have Multi-Drawer Cabinets which offer mobility of small parts storage items. This range offers mobile cabinets that can transfer a large number of parts at once. Making them great for a variety of industries. For slightly larger small parts boxes we've put together a Compartment Boxes category. Our Compartment Boxes range offers visible storage as well as storage for larger items. Products such as Space Bin Containers - which you can stack or nest, are a great example of this.

All our small part bins, small parts cabinets and small parts boxes come with FREE UK Delivery.

Feel free to pop up via Live Chat for more information on our range, where one of our friendly Sales team will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can call or email us!