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We are committed to supporting our government and the British Public in our fight against COVID-19. Therefore, we feel it necessary to take further steps to safeguard our employees, their families and our NHS.

With Immediate effect, we have requested employees to work from home so that they can follow the Governments Social Distancing Guidelines effectively.

As a result of this we will continue to trade with essential business functionalities in operation, therefore we will be closing our phone lines until further notice so that all enquiries can be handled in an orderly and effective manner.

We have processes in place to continue to respond to all enquiries and we are working with our supply chains to fulfil orders that are placed. Despite these efforts there may be times when lead times and availability of items differ to what is advertised on our website.

May we take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding as we join the fight to supress COVID-19, as always we will continually review our current position and we remain prepared to change our operations instantly based upon our Governments regular updates to advice and guidelines.

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Safety Barriers

Workplace safety has been at our core since 1974. A vast majority of our experience originates from industries that operate heavy machinery. For this reason we completely understand the importance of health and safety.


How do you select the correct safety barrier?

First and foremost, that totally depends on the nature of its purpose.  The vast majority of our safety barriers can act as fencing, in order to segregate people from potential hazards. These include spillages, broken lifts, open manholes in the street right through to petrol station barriers (for when a pump runs out).

On the other hand, you may need a system to guide pedestrian traffic through areas. In these situations a sturdy crowd control barrier or system is the best option. These barriers are typically heavy duty and difficult to move. Meaning they are ideal as a more permanent barrier solution. You can also interlock these barrier system for more stability. Therefore making them ideal for setting up in a warehouses, although they are also suited to outdoor use. Generally speaking, our customers use this type of barrier system for valuable machinery, car parks and building sites. Constructing them to form temporary pedestrian walkways to guide the public around a hazard, or to keep them out of a prohibited area.

Are you looking to buy safety barriers for the warehouse?

If so make sure the first items you buy are our pallet racking protection guards. These barriers are invaluable as they protect your stock and prevent injury. Precision crafted, they feature a highly visibly yellow and black stripe finish, enabling them to be easily noticed by forklift truck driver. Durable 6mm thick steel with anchor bolt fixings secure these barriers in place. Meaning they are able to withstand the force of vehicular contact.

At the other end of the barrier spectrum are queue management barriers. These are the type of retractable belt barriers you see in your post office, bank and most reception areas. The versatility of this system is what makes these barriers perfect for most indoor applications. You can easily connect each belt barrier to one another, making it possible to quickly and easily create a long run barrier system.