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We've had workplace safety as a priority since 1974. With most of our experience in industry where heavy machinery is operated we understand the importance of health and safety. As a result we have dedicated this category to safety products with an emphasis on safety barriers.

Safety Barriers to protect employees and the general public

The correct safety barrier depends on the job it is intended for. A versatile expanding barrier can be used for fencing off many hazards such as spillages, broken lifts, open manholes in the street right through to petrol station barriers (for when a pump runs out).

You may need to guide pedestrian foot traffic. In these situations a sturdy crowd control barrier system is the best way to go. These barriers are heavy duty and are intentionally designed to be hard to move. For added stability the barriers can be interlocked. They are ideal for setting up in a warehouse but are mainly intended for use outside. Valuable machinery, car parks and building sites benefit from this type of barrier. Temporary pedestrian walkways can be created to guide the public around a hazard or to keep them out of a prohibited area.

Are you looking for safety barriers for the warehouse? If so make sure the first items you buy are our pallet racking protection guards. These barriers are invaluable. You wouldn't want to risk thousands of pounds of stock damage for the sake of saving 27 pounds each for a corner protector. They are diagonally stripped bright yellow and black so that they are easily noticed when driving a forklift truck. If the barrier is struck, strong 6mm thick steel will resist the considerable force generated by the vehicle. Look after your stock and it will look after you.

At the other end of the barrier spectrum are queue management barriers. These are the type of retractable belt barriers you see in your post office, your bank and most reception areas. The versatility is what makes these barriers stand out. You can connect each belt barrier to its neighbour easily. Each barrier post has 4 connectors, so making the configuration of your choice is simple.