Telescopic Ladders

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Telescopic ladders are ideal for individuals who need to reach heights of 3-4m's but don't have the premium of space. Due to their unique design, telescopic ladders are able to fold to a compact size. This key functionality provides a ladder that can easily be stored in tight spaces whether that be in a van, household or industrial environment. Their versatility makes our telescopic ladders a popular choice for those in need of a reliable ladder.

Telescopic Ladders for all working environments

Manufactured from aluminium, our range of aluminium telescopic ladders can be trusted to withstand the demands of nearly all working conditions. Their lightweight constructions makes them easy to transport and carry from location to location. Whilst their ability to reach high heights allows operators to securely carry out tasks whilst at heights of 3.9m's. Included within our range are telescopic ladders that certify to EN 131, which ensures they meet certain specification for trade usage.

Reach new heights with our telescopic ladders

The days of changing ladders to readjust heights are gone and replaced with a highly adaptable telescopic ladder. The beauty in telescopic ladders is that a range of heights can be achieved whilst using just one ladder. Take our Xtend+ Climbs 3.8m, this ladder can reach up to 3.8m high when fully extended. But along the way it can also reach heights of 1m & 2m's and is fully functionally at all heights.