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We are committed to supporting our government and the British Public in our fight against COVID-19. Therefore, we feel it necessary to take further steps to safeguard our employees, their families and our NHS.

With Immediate effect, we have requested employees to work from home so that they can follow the Governments Social Distancing Guidelines effectively.

As a result of this we will continue to trade with essential business functionalities in operation, therefore we will be closing our phone lines until further notice so that all enquiries can be handled in an orderly and effective manner.

We have processes in place to continue to respond to all enquiries and we are working with our supply chains to fulfil orders that are placed. Despite these efforts there may be times when lead times and availability of items differ to what is advertised on our website.

May we take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding as we join the fight to supress COVID-19, as always we will continually review our current position and we remain prepared to change our operations instantly based upon our Governments regular updates to advice and guidelines.

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Work Area Matting

Coba Switch

Work Area Matting

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With all industries, having the correct safety procedures in place for your employees, customers and visitors is vital. To ensure that their safety is protected, workstation matting provides a slip resistance surface. Whilst ensures maximum safety, it includes properties that will improve the health of the operator using the mat.

The most common loss in productivity is down to back, legs and feet injuries. Operators can stand for hours on end, which results in with pressure buildings up within their legs, back & feet. However, this is easily solved with one of our workstation mats. With a mat in place, the cushioned flooring will improve their posture & relieve all the pressure. Simple, right? 

These mats aren’t just limited to factories or warehouses. Within our range there and endless possibilities, as these mats fit into majority of environments. With anti-static options available, such as our COBA Switch it provides safety from electric shock. Designed for use in front of open switch boards and high voltage equipment, it has the operator’s safety in mind.

But with countless different environments, we understand finding the correct mat for you is a hard task. So, to help you pick the correct workstation mat for you, let's look at some matting.

What is the correct workstation mat for you? 

Heavy Duty Open Grid PVC Tiles

Made from recycled PVC, the open grid format helps drainage of spillages or weather elements. Whilst the pimpled surface guarantees slip resistance for improved safety at work. Additionally, this mat is resistant to chemicals and oils which is perfect for motor garages and warehouses. 

Heavy Duty Checker Plate PVC Tiles

The checkered plate surface guarantees slip resistance, which is vital to keep employee's safe from slips. Constructed from recycled PVC, it helps absorbs shock and noise. Furthermore, this workstation mat is ideal for large area's and comes in 16 tiles per box. So, if you need to provide safety matting for a vast area, this is the workstation matting for you.

Flexi Coin Flooring

With a heavy duty stud patterned surface, this matting is perfect for hallways & changing rooms. It's because of this that this matting is only supplied in rolls, making it easier to install over large areas. While being resistant to oils, grease and acids, it still has hardwearing properties.