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Cycle Shelters

Cycle Shelters

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Our range of Cycle Shelters are designed to keep all bikes and motorcycles shielded from the elements. With the world shaping into an eco-friendly environment, cycling to work has become a growing trend. So, having a bicycle storage system is vital in this ever-growing world. If you're struggling to store and safely park bicycles and motorbikes, it may be time to consider a bike shelter. These effective shelters can safely store a multitude of bicycles whilst still fitting into the surrounding environment. With the choice of galvanised or wooden bike shelters, our range can cater to a variety of working environments.

Cycle Shelters for all environments

Within our bicycle shelter range we have included shelters with unique designs, from contemporary to the more traditional bike shelters we have included a shelter for all. Whilst providing an attractive solution to bicycle storage, they also add a sense of security and individuals feel more comfortable leaving their belonging. Many offices, schools and colleges often have cycle shelters to ensure that staff and students have the correct facilities to store their bicycles away.

It's always a worry that these shelters will become an eyesore, but this isn't the case. As shown with our Mottez Alpine Modular Bicycle Shelter, the use of 19mm pine is incorporated within the shelter creating an stylish yet modern shelter for up to 10 bicycles. By using pine within the design, the shelter automatically fits within a variety of environments and adds class and style. This ability to fit in and add to their surroundings is found within all of our cycle shelters and is guaranteed to be practical yet appealing at the same time.

Request a Quote

If you can't find a shelter to your exact specification or would like to receive an official quotation for a shelter, visit our Request a Quote page.
There you can let us know your requirements and a member of our sales team will draw up a quote to meet your specification with a competitive price.

How many bikes can I fit within a Cycle Shelter?

Thinking about the number of spaces you require is vital, due to the maximum space in each individual shelter. So, for this reason we have included a chart to highlight how many bikes can comfortably fit in any Cycle Shelter.

Cycle Shelter Bike Chart

4 Metre Long Shelter = 10 Bikes

5 Metre Long Shelter = 12 Bikes

6 Metre Long Shelter = 14 Bikes

7 Metre Long Shelter = 16-18 Bikes

8 Metre Long Shelter = 20 Bikes

*Based on Cycle Stands usually placed 800mm apart. The chart above is a rough guide only.