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Parking Posts

Parking Posts are an ideal solution for controlling the movement and secure parking of vehicles. In both industrial and domestic environments.

At Workplace Products, we are one of the UK's leading suppliers of parking post. We feature a range of products to ensure your safety and security of belongings, private land and pedestrian protection. Our cost-effective deterrent measures can give you peace of mind for yourself and your property!


Beneficial for any area that requires additional safety and security measures. This may include industrial use, to secure fork lifts, or restrict vehicle access. Alternatively, private land parking, it features a retractable fold down post, known as telescopic bollards. This enables access to car spaces to be specific with a custom key for parking access. At workplaces this is often required to restrict vehicles to employee only access.


Feel unsafe knowing your car could be the next target? Unfortunately, today car theft is extremely common with thieves stealing all makes and models. But, now it is important to learn what can you do to protect yourself!

Our parking bollards are also suitable for domestic applications. Perfect for serving as a driveway bollard. We recommend using a driveway post to add protection and to deter car thieves. Nowadays we are seeing these posts used for protecting vehicles whilst parked at home, providing you with peace of mind.


Had enough of people parking in your parking space? Our car posts are the solution! Ideal to restrict parking on private land or business property. This may be common in busy parking zones. It also prevents people parking on your driveway without permission. Car bollards are most ideal for workplaces, for specific car parking spaces for employees.


Our parking bollards are highly visible with a variety of finishes, often in red and white or black and yellow. These finishes help to improve the posts prominence at night or in low light. For areas where visibility is not an issue. Our Galvanised Zinc is ideal to blend with driveways, for residential aesthetic. The design and style of these posts may be more in keeping with the décor of your building, office or company branding.

These all boast a versatile compact design to help satisfy your secure parking needs. Our selection of products include ground or bolt fixing bollards, to permanently restrict vehicular access. In contrast, we also have mobile or foldable bollards which will temporarily restrict access to areas. As well as to offer extra security for areas while they are not in use. Our folding posts either sit flush with the surface for ease and reduction in tripping hazards or low profile for practicality.

If you require any assistance choosing the right parking posts for your premises then please get in touch via live chat. Our friendly Sales Team will be on hand to point you in the right direction. -CATPRC-21.79