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Parking Posts

Parking Posts

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Parking Posts

Parking Posts are an ideal solution for controlling the movement and secure parking of vehicles. In both industrial and domestic environments.

At Workplace Products we offer a variety of parking posts. These all boast a versatile design to help satisfy your secure parking needs. Our selection of products include ground or bolt fixing bollards, to permanently restrict vehicular access. In contrast, we also have mobile or foldable bollards which will temporarily restrict access to areas. As well as to offer extra security for areas while they are not in use. Our folding posts either sit flush with the surface for ease and reduction in tripping hazards or low profile for practicality.

Parking Posts for all areas

Our range of posts are ideal for a number of different areas. This includes for industrial use. Where the posts will secure fork lift trucks and other important vehicles. While restricting access to areas by cars and trucks.

In addition to this. Our parking bollards are also suitable for domestic applications. Perfect for serving as a driveway bollard. We recommend using a driveway post to add protection and to deter car thieves. Nowadays we are seeing these posts used for protecting keyless starting cars while parked at home.

Many of the parking bollards we offer have a high visibility finish, often in red and white or black and yellow. These finishes help to improve the posts prominence at night or in low light. For areas where visibility is not an issue, we also able to offer white posts, black posts and galvanised steel posts. The design and style of these posts may be more in keeping with the decor of your building, office or company branding.

If you require any assistance choosing the right parking posts for your premises then please get in touch via live chat. Our friendly Sales Team will be on hand to point you in the right direction.