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Packing Benches

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Our high-quality packing benches will help streamline and organise your packaging and shipping process. No ordinary workbenches, they are an essential asset for warehouse packaging areas or any businesses that ships physical items.

The packing stations in our range offer great value for money. They can help you consistently send out well presented and safely packed parcels to your customers. As well as being robust for daily use, they are also designed to adapt to meet any of your changing packing requirements.

Helps keep essential packaging accessories to hand.

Each of our packing benches can be improved with mounts for holding your preferred roll of packaging materials, making the exceptionally easy to reach. Additionally, all of our packing benches are designed for use with other accessories that improve their efficiency. Extra shelves can be attached to store items such as cutting knives, tape and envelopes, keeping them close to the packer. Guillotines are available that can be attached to the bench and used to neatly cut brown parcel paper and bubble wrap.

Packing Stations are easily configured to suit your individual needs. With a variety of different packing options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect packing solution for your workplace here.

Need a packing bench workstation specifically for one product type or industry with a variety of quality accessories? Our Modular Packing Bench comes in components, ready for you to choose the features and accessories you need. This means you can create an packing station that allows for an adjustable working height and additional comfort, reducing the risk of strain or injury. 

Now here! PACK TEK Workbenches Range! 

The Pack Tek Workbenches Range designed to help provide efficient and effective packaging solutions. Thanks to the great variety of accessories this range offers, benches can be customised to suit the needs of your working environment. This range is available in 2 designs: Pack Tek Dual and Pack Tek Individual. The Individual benches provide full length accessories including cutting knifes and roll holders, whilst the Dual offers split panel accessories and an under bench trolley. 

If you are looking for a warehouse packing station that is already set up with a range of useful accessories, our bolt-less Rivet Packing Benches are a versatile and popular solution for all your packing needs. We have both wide and long configurations to help meet the needs of a variety of different items that different industries need to package.

At Workplace Products, we can provide solutions for small, medium or large organisations supplying or in need of packaging services. Whether you are a distribution centre or a small business, we have a suitable packing bench solution for you. For more information you can get in touch through our live chat service, email or call us. One of our sales team will be on hand to help find the ideal solution for you.