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Our PVC Strip Curtains are suitable for and most popular as industrial doors and walk-in freezer curtains. The strip curtains are used for internal and external thermal partitions as a barrier against fumes, dust, flying insects and birds. Strip curtains are also used to reduce the amount of noise levels between the production areas of your workplace and other quieter areas.

There are various types of PVC Strip Curtains. The differences between them are mainly due to their colour and the type of traffic that will be using them. Some of the products are better suited for use by pedestrians and other are more suitable for areas where forklifts have to travel through them.

[PDF] Strip Curtain Order & Fitting Guide

To make sure you order the correct strip curtains, take a few minutes to view our Strip Curtain Order & Fitting Guide

The guide takes you through selecting the right fixing method and material for your workplace, how to measure up correctly, placing your order with Workplace Products, and then finally fitting the PVC Strip Curtains.