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Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips.

Tipping Skips

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Tipping Skips for your workplace

If you have a forklift truck available at your workplace, renting skips is not an effective form of collecting waste material. It's far more beneficial to invest in high quality forklift tipping skips to keep on hand permanently.

Self tipping skips are a useful way to move large quantities of waste around safely. A fully welded skip complies with all health and safety regulations and can withstand the demands of any intense work environment, such as a building site.

There are many different options in this category from heavy duty tipping skips, manual tipping skips and automatic tipping skips. So what is the best solution for you?

Example of tipping skips

Forklift Self Tipping Skips

These skips are highly effective for efficiently moving waste around the workplace. Simply use a forklift truck or telehandler to move and dispose of the stored waste products. Our TUFF self-tipping skips are ideal for improving your workflow by allowing you to empty the skip without ever needing to leave the seat of your forklift. With an overall load capacity up to 1500kg and fork sleeves for secure and easy high level tipping, they can effectively manage waste on a day to day basis.

Manual Tipping Skips

Manual tipping skips are ideal for tipping at lower levels. With load capacities of 300kg, they can transport and store waste with ease. A Manual Tipping Skip simply means that by releasing a handle, the tipping skip will be activated and roll forward to empty all of it's contents. This simple, yet effective system allows for easy waste management.

Auto Tipping Skips

Auto tipping skips simply means that when you angle the fork lift blades down slightly, gravity takes over. The waste inside the skip moves off centre, allowing the tipping skip to pivot. This deposits all the waste materials in your desired location.

We recently added Mini Skips to our product lines. This offers effective waste management where space in production areas is running low. They are easy to use and some even have automatic tipping. Simply operated via a cable from any height or from a vehicle to ensure operator safety.

We are committed to providing all our customers with a professional service from initial concepts through to final project completion. If you can’t find what you are looking for please let us know as we are happy to find the right tipping bin for you.

For a no obligation quote from one of the UKs leading Skip suppliers, please contact us via Live Chat or over the phone. We would love to hear your plans and ideas.