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A high quality pallet truck is essential for your warehouse

Most warehouses and factories receive pallets loaded with products that need moving from one place to another. To move these effectively, you'll need solid and reliable pallet trucks.

A pallet truck is essentially a manual form of forklift truck. You may also hear them referred to as a pallet jack, pump truck and hand pallet truck amongst other names. They are a very cost-effective choice for transporting palletised goods. Each manual truck has a manual, leak-proof hydraulic system to make moving pallet loads a breeze. The truck is operated via a pump handle, raising and lowering the forks. When the forks raise they bring the palletised load off the ground. There's a small lever within the handle that when pulled, lowers the forks back down.

Each hand pallet truck uses two sets of wheels to aid in steering and moving. The tandem wheel option we offer allows easier fork entry when loading up the truck with a pallet.

Moving pallets safely

When operatives are moving pallets around all day, you need to make sure they are being safe and efficient. Warehouse operatives should be checking the weight of the load before moving any pallet. Although 3000kg is more than enough to move most warehouse items, it's best to check the load weight against the trucks capacity and remove the risk of injury. An easy way to check load weight is to use one of our pallet trucks with scales.

Our most popular pallet trucks:

Manual Hand Pallet Truck

Every warehouse needs one of these! They are easy to manoeuvre on polyurethane wheels and nylon rollers helping you move loads up to 3000kg. Often considered the standard for pump trucks, they're a bestseller. We guaranteed they'll reduce physical strain on your workforce and improve efficiency in your warehouse. With a range of different fork lengths and capacities to offer, you're sure to find the perfect manual pallet truck for your workplace.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Powered Pallet Trucks are a great way of speeding up your workflow. These heavy duty pallet jacks required no manual action to raise the forks. They are fitted with a powerful electric motor that both raises and lowers the forks with the push of a button. If you need to move your pallets as quickly as possible, an electric pump truck is certainly the way to go.

Specialist Pallet Movers

Beyond our manual and electric models, we offer a whole range off pallet jacks designed to solve specific problems. This includes high lift, rough terrain and pallet trucks with scales. Each of these is made with additional features to take a standard pump truck to the next level.

If you require more information or a large quantity of pallet trucks for heavy duty applications in your workplace get in touch. Start a live chat or give us a call, our sales team are here to help.