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Access Equipment

Here at Workplace we have a range of access equipment to ensure that you can achieve the appropriate working height for any task you may encounter.

Access Equipment for Safety

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to working at height. Investing in high quality access equipment is an excellent way to adhere to working height regulations and keep yourself and employees safe. There are countless dangerous scenarios that occur each year that could be avoided if the right access equipment were used. Working at height can be dangerous if a person is either not properly trained or is using inappropriate equipment for that particular job.

For the safest working conditions to occur, it is paramount that the correct height is established for the task at hand. Working on a ladder or platform that is too short or long is hazardous and both of these scenarios will lead to overreaching. This makes it far more likely that you may lose your balance or tip over the equipment you are standing on.

  • You must select the right Access Equipment for the job, ensuring that you are not overreaching in any direction.
  • Make sure that the person using it is trained to set up the equipment and use it appropriately.
  • Check your equipment before each use to ensure it is not damaged in any way. Damaged access equipment is unsafe and not fit for use.

British Safety Standards

The best quality Access Equipment is built and tested to strict standards. This ensures that they consistently perform to the necessary levels.  Across our range of Access Equipment you will notice these safety standards are indicated. Where applicable the British Standards Institute (BSI) safety standards are in the product information.

Some of the standards you are likely to see will include BS 2037 Class 1 and BS EN131 safety standards. These mean the item is ideal for use in the workplace. The Class 1 rating identifies ladders suited to heavy duty work, made for regular use where transportation and storage will occur. The EN131 classification is given to medium duty ladders which are used less frequently, in good conditions which may also be transported and stored regularly.

Pay close attention to these standards to ensure that you’re getting the most appropriate equipment for your workplace.

Maximising Your Storage Space

Access Equipment can help you maximise the storage in your workplace in a few ways.

It will allow you to utilise taller storage units. In warehouses and alike, access equipment is often used to reach items that are stored high up and ordinarily out of reach. Even a simple kick step will allow you to install above worktop storage in an office kitchen without excluding anyone. All this means that you don’t need to rely on ground level storage that takes up valuable floor space. Instead you can take advantage of unused upward space.

Most of our products here can help you to maximise your storage space by folding down so that they take up less space. This is an essential feature for a lot trade and industrial workers who need equipment to be as compact as possible during transit.

Shop with confidence

We offer up some of the most well recognised and trusted suppliers of access equipment in the world. This includes Werner, Lyte and Hailo. So you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting top quality products. Products that will provide you with safe working height conditions that will stand the test of time and serve you well.

Have any questions about our range of products? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either over the phone or through our live chat. One of our sales team will be on hand and happy to help.