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  1. Boxwell Hazardous Mobile Storage Cages

    Boxwell Hazardous Mobile Storage Cages

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • Material: Steel or Plywood
    • Size: H1355 x W900 x D600mm

    was £1243.87

    from £904.98

  2. Boxwell Mobile Storage Cages

    Boxwell Mobile Storage Cages

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • Material: Plywood or Steel
    • Size: H1355 x W900 x D600mm

    was £994.08

    from £593.80

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All of the robust Roll Containers in this section are designed for transporting goods around the workplace. Each Cage Trolley is enclosed on two or more of its sides to make sure that the items being moved are protected and retained during transport. They reduce the physical effort employees have to exert to move goods, improving safety and efficiency.

When looking for your ideal cage trolley on wheels there are a lot of things to consider. For example, the type of environment the cage trolley is going to be in. Should you need to transport larger loads around our workshop, our heavy duty cage trolleys and our industrial cage trolleys are a wise choice. They can carry loads of up to 500kg and are extremely reliable. In addition, if you need trolleys that need to store goods that need to be kept in a safe and locked space, our security trolleys are the best option.


These Roll Pallets can be taken apart to make them easier to store. This is a great feature for small spaces and supermarkets. This is because many of these units must be stored at all times which their foldable feature allows them to do. They are extremely strong and hygienic with the zinc plated finish making them incredibly easy to clean. Each of the sides can be removed to create a 2 , 3 or 4 sided cage with removable shelves and extra sides available to suit your requirements.

A selection of sizes are available and with an average load capacity of 500kg. These Demountable Cage Trolleys can be with you in as little as three working days. Enjoy fast delivery at Workplace products any time of the year!


Ideal for where space is tight in warehouse environments or transport vehicles, roll containers that are nestable take up less space than their non-folding counterparts. This type of trolley is widely used in retail and supermarket environments where their zinc plated finish and robust nylon castors make them easy to clean and manoeuvre. Options include 3 or 4 sides plus additional folding shelves.


Our Hazardous storage units are available in a wide range of different bright colours to stand out in different industries. The all contain steel frames with grid in-fills making everything stored inside visible to others around the workplace. Our range includes cage trolleys of different heights and sizes and are perfect for storing hazardous chemicals. This is ideal as they would otherwise be too dangerous to leave lying around workspaces. In addition, as they are manufactured in the UK. Therefore, our customers can be certain that they are made from the highest quality materials and are long lasting.


To ensure your cage trolley has the best functionality possible and is being optimised to the fullest, browse our range of accessories! The roll cage sack is ideal for collecting waste packaging. It can improve your workflow and ensures that tasks that need to be done are done smoothly and quickly. In addition, we offer optional shelves so you can store more items inside your cage trolley. These are offered at an extra cost however will really help customers who need that bit of extra space of storage.

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