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Combination ladders are the perfect solution for working at height in various positions without needing to bring along several different ladders.

All your ladders in one

A combination ladder is an all-rounder, capable of tackling a wide variety of different workplace scenarios. Combi Ladders do this by replacing the need for multiple ladders through their ability to replicate the most useful ones needed day to day.

Our range of combination ladders begin with 3 way ladders which combine step ladders, extension ladders and stair ladders. This basic combination encompasses three of the most useful ladder types on the market, making it an incredibly useful piece of kit to own.

For those of you who need more variations than three, we have ladders with even more possible combinations. This includes the Little Giant Classic, which can be used in an impressive 16 configurations. Our range of combination ladders also has plenty of ladders between these extremes, including 3, 4 and 5 way ladders from popular brands including Werner, Abru, Hailo and Lyte.

Popular Combination Ladders features

A big part of the popularity of combination ladders is the space they save. Having all your ladders in one will save a huge amount of space while the ladder is in storage or being transported. This is an absolute essential feature for people in the trade industry who may not have enough van space for 4 or 5 ladders and all their materials. Not only this, you will also save money. Buying one quality combination ladder is far more cost effective than purchasing each possible combination separately.

Combination ladders are often popular with painters and decorators. As they spend a lot of their time working on uneven surfaces like stairways, reaching for awkward spots they need a versatile ladder to match. They can confidently use these as stair ladders to tackle all kinds of situations without compromising their safety. The stairwell ladder combination means they can work safely on stairs with no need to worry about the gradient. Some of our ladders are also capable of making a platform to offer even more freedom and movement when working on these kinds of jobs. We also supply fibreglass combination ladders which are ideal for use by electricians who may also encounter similarly awkward situations. The fibreglass construction makes them insulated for use around electricity.

Another further feature making combination ladders so useful is their ability to work as free standing ladders. During jobs that involve reaching heights in large open spaces, there may not be a wall to lean against or stairs to use. This is where the combination ladder’s ability to be free-standing is so valuable. The user can stand securely on non-slip treads and get on with their task.

If you need any help selecting the perfect combination ladder for your work, get in touch with us over the phone or through our live chat. We’re happy to help.