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Our Industrial Seating is ideal for working at a variety of heights in various industrial environments. They are capable of making quick and easy adjustments adjustments for comfort and moving around a workshop on the attached castors. They are great for use at workstations or for bench based work. 

The height of all of our Industrial Seating is easily adjusted using the lever to the side of the seat. This uses the gas adjustment mechanism to move the chair up or down to the ideal height for the user. Some of the chairs in this section are also adjustable in various other ways, including the angle of the back rest and seat tilt.

We offer a select number of chairs that prevent the build-up of static. This safety measure makes them suitable for use in a static controlled environment. They are classed as our Static Dissipative Chairs.

If you need any assistance in selecting the perfect industrial seating to go with your workspace, get in touch using the live chat and one of our sales team will guide you in the right direction.