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CoSHH Cabinets

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CoSHH Cabinets

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CoSHH Cabinets

Our range of hazardous COSHH cabinets, cupboards and chests all adhere to CoSHH regulations. To provide a safe and secure way to store hazardous substances. On a day-to-day basis, many of us will use substances that can be hazardous to our health. Hazardous substances such as: bleach, cleaning products, oils and paints are commonplace in many working environments. As a result of this, CoSHH regulations make it obligatory to store these harmful substances in a secure cupboard or cabinet. To help protect our health and the surrounding areas. So, what can you do to ensure you do not break any laws?, and how do you comply with all legal CoSHH regulations?

The answer is clear, and obvious in our range of COSHH cupboards and cabinets. Our vast selection of hazardous storage cabinets includes a multitude of colours and sizes. To cater to all working environments. Whether you are in a school, office, laboratory or distribution warehouse. Ensuring that you have the correct safety measures in place is vital to help meet CoSHH regulations. Each cabinet comes with clear identification labels as well a an appropriate powder coated finish. The colour of the finish is usually specific to the nature of the products kept within the hazardous cupboard. This clearly highlights the risk category of the hazardous cabinets contents.

However, in addition to having a reliable hazardous storage solution. It is crucial that employers also conduct regular health and safety reviews. This will inevitably help identify any new or additional risks in the workplace.


The term COSHH is an abbreviation. It stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. In short, CoSHH  is simply a government regulation that requires employers to control exposure to hazardous materials. To prevent risks upon the health of their employees and the public.

To find out more about why CoSHH is so important, visit the HSE website.


All of our CoSHH cupboards adhere to legal regulations. These include EN 12501-1 and A2-s2. They provide a safe and secure storage unit for your hazardous substances, in addition to looking stylish. The particular features that make our range of hazardous storage cabinets ideal for harmful substances are: spill-retaining galvanised shelves which direct any spills and leaks to the integrated liquid tight sump. This therefore means that any potential harmful leaks pose a reduced health and safety risk. In addition to this, our hazardous storage cupboards can be bought along with an optional floor stand. Our floor stands raise the height of the CoSHH cupboard by 500mm, thus enhancing accessibility. However, if a floor cabinet is not what you are looking for, do not worry. Our hazardous storage range also includes a wall cupboard. Which comes complete with pre-drilled holes for wall mounting.

In need of something with enhanced safety features?

Premium Justrite CoSHH Cabinets

Our Justrite CoSHH cabinets are a premium range of hazardous storage cupboards. Boasting a unique design, they provide an extra secure storage solution. To further protect your hazardous chemicals from any potential risks, including fire and theft.

Justrite cabinets differ from other because they:

Exceed the requirements of HSG51, 2015 (HSE Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers, 3rd Edition)
Meet the requirements of HSG140, 2015 (HSE Safe Use and Handling of Flammable Liquids, 2nd Edition)
10 minute fire tested at up to 1,300°C (independent testing)
Internal temperature during fire test kept below the auto ignition temperature of vast majority of flammable liquids
Can help justify storage of more volume of flammable liquids than HSG51 would normally allow
Fully load tested
Self-closing models have fusible links that close the doors at 74°C
FM approved
Keep dangerous liquids safely organised and segregated

For more information please see the product descriptions or contact our sales team. Doing so will help you identify exactly which product you require to help improve the safety of your workplace.

Flammable Cabinet

The safe storage of flammable substances is a must under CoSHH regulations. So, what happens when these flammable chemicals pose an extra threat of combustion? Well, this is where our flammable liquid cabinets help. They are specifically made with the sole purpose of proving a safe storage unit for flammable substances. For this reason our fireproof cabinets will not let you down. Complete with a Fire Classification (EN 13051-1), these cabinets have been subject to rigorous tests. These tests are very demanding. Although thus is necessary for ensuring that they truly are a safe and secure flammable cabinet in the event of a fire.

Just like our CoSHH cabinets, these flammable storage cabinets include essential features. With adjustable spill-retaining shelves and an integral sump. These ensure that any spills or leakages of flammable liquids within the cabinet will be safely retained within the flammable cupboard.

Chemical Storage Floor Chests

Within our storage for hazardous substances we also have a range of chemical floor chests, which are ideal for heavy duty use. Commonly used in warehouses, construction sites and factories. These floor chests are specifically designed for the most demanding environments. Manufactured from 2mm-3mm steel, these robust chemical chests offer up to 30 minutes of fire resistance. In addition to forklift sleeves, which are ideal for easy transportation of the floor chest.


The proper use and care of your CoSHH cupboard is extremely important, yet very simple. We have compiled a list of 5 ways to keep your CoSHH cabinet in great condition.
1. Containment - It is easy to forget and leave chemicals out of the CoSHH unit. However, this is where accidents happen. So, once you have finished with the chemicals, put them back in the CoSHH cupboard.
2. Clean spills up quickly - Any harmful substances will be collected in the liquid tight sump at the base of the hazardous storage cabinet. However it is important to clean up these spills as a priority. Which will undoubtedly reduce the build-up of harmful liquids, thus reducing risks to health.
3. Ventilation / Placement - Make sure your CoSHH cabinet is situated in a well ventilated, in addition to sitting on a leveled floor.
4. Resist temptation - We are frequently asked "Can we nest cabinets together?" Although this is very tempting to save space. It is a bad idea as it will reduce the fire retardant of the cabinet as well as to negate FM approval of our Justrite cabinets.
5. Check your cabinet - It is important to regularly check your cabinet is fully operational. This includes checking the doors close properly and that the latch and lock works. This will ensure maximum safety and security.