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A Tilt Truck is an easy way to move large quantities of waste around a premises, ready for disposal.

We offer a range of different tilt trucks and carts to suit a variety of different waste management needs. Our range includes our best selling Heavy Duty plastic Tilt Truck. This is an affordable and effective option, capable of tackling the basic waste collection and movement needs of most industrial workplaces and building sites. At the other end of the spectrum we have the Rubble Tilt Truck. Designed for the most heavy duty applications on building sites, the Rubble Truck is an ideal solution where plastic is not enough. Its robust steel construction ensures that it can endure in the toughest scenarios.

Tilt Trucks for easy transportation

Easy movement is a tilt trucks greatest asset. The hardwearing castors greatly reduce the amount of energy needed for waste removal. Employees can simply push along a fully loaded truck rather than carrying individual bags back and forth. This makes them a fast and efficient way of disposing of waste items in any workplace.

Integrating a tilt truck into your work flow is incredibly easy. Periodically load up the tilt truck with all of the waste from each location or workstation, push it along to a disposal point and tip the contents out. To empty, simply tip the truck forward and the contents will fall out. Any items that don't slide out are then in position for easy removal.

If you need any assistance selecting the ideal tilt cart for your workplace get in touch with our sales team. We can help you find the right solution to enhance your workflow.