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Personal Effects Lockers are ideal for providing storage for small personal items such as mobile phones, wallets and keys to high volumes of people in the workplace. 

Secure Personal Lockers

Each small locker compartment is fitted with a standard mastered cam lock which comes with 2 keys. This tried and tested locking system is highly secure and easy to use. Each lock has 2,000 differs so no 2 compartments in your workplace can be opened with the same key unless a master key is purchased.

We can supply personal effects lockers with 40 compartments, 28 compartments or with 20 compartments. There are several different configurations to select from so take a look at each product page for the specific details for these small lockers. These lockers are ideal for use as secure mobile phone and tablet lockers. They are just the right size to store most portable devices inside and work out to be a great cost effective solution for the workplace.

The volume of items these lockers can hold makes them ideal for secure areas where many people need to lock away their phones and other information securely. This might include test and exam centres, police stations and other areas where personal information needs to be protected. Our personal effects lockers come pre-drilled for nesting, so you'll be able to purchase multiple units and bolt them together to suit your individual requirements.

Personal effects locker finishes

Our personal effects lockers also come in a wide variety of finishes. The colour choices that are on offer allow you to either match your company colours, organise lockers by use or simply inject some colour into a workplace. Alternatively to this we have wire mesh personal lockers which is made from a galavanised steel. This is a far more industrial looking option that allows an unparalleled amount of ventilation and visual security for the items inside.

All of our powder coated colour lockers are finished in anti-bacterial paint to ensure that they are a hygienic storage solution for your workplace. Each one has a different type of anti-bacterial finish designed by their manufacturers so check the product descriptions to find out more.

Personal effects lockers are also commonly known as personal item lockers and valuables lockers. Which ever term you use, we can supply the lockers to suit your requirements! Simply contact us through our live chat or give us a call for any more information you require.