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Industrial Racking Specialist Services Available

Why use Industrial Racking?

At Workplace Products we have a wide range of Industrial Racking available. The Industrial Racking is most suitable for storing large items. As well as pallets. The design ensures high-performance. Which therefore means the system can store all types of loads with adjustments. The high load capacity makes pallets one of the popular items to store in warehouse. The racking can adjust to also work as a specific solution. Using the supports for metal crates, containers and cartons. As well as much more.
The wide range of sizes and styles available means we can help meet the needs of most companies. So we can cater for all from different sectors. We have two main types of industrial racking. These are the Adjustable Pallet Racking and Longspan shelving.

Longspan Shelving

The Longspan shelving we have available is perfect storage for small to medium items. It allows for manual picking of goods. This shelving is versatile due to being able to adjust. Thus making these adaptable to a range of load sizes and facilities.
The shelving is easily assembled and adjusted. Thus enabling all loads and goods to be immediately stored. Accessories can also go with this shelving. To customise to the clients requirements without compromising performance. The Longspan shelving can be used for merchandising, chemist warehouses, supermarkets. As well as automotive parts, hardware supplies and electrical supplies.

TUFF Longspan Shelving


Advantages of Longspan Shelving:
  • Chipboard or steel shelf panels
  • Adjustable beam levels at every 50mm
  • High-capacity load picking system
  • Wide range of bays and shelf depths
  • Easy to assemble and add new components
  • Robust picking system with direct access to all products
  • Wide variety of accessories available, dividers, wire mesh shelves, hanging rails and more

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Our adjustable pallet racking is a storage solution. Designed to store pallets in a functional way to enable a forklift truck to be used. Thus the forklifts have access to the items through the aisles parallel to the racks. Making the adjustable pallet racking a logical solution for most environments. So If you are unsure what racking would be best for you we offer free consultations. Along with free suite surveys to get the correct solution.
These racking solutions are adaptable to the dimensions. As well as forklifts you are working with. These systems are efficient and easy to assemble to adapt to all locations and tasks. This robust racking system is ideal for heavy loads. Thus supporting different types of pallets, containers and boxes.
Advantages of Pallet Racking:
Industrial Pallet Racking
  • Easy and efficient assembly and disassembly
  • Allows quick and direct access to loads
  • Ability to meet changing needs
  • Time saving when handling goods or performing stock rotations
  • Adapts to any unit load or forklift truck
  • Maximises space with adjusting beam levels
  • Many accessories and configurations available
  • Quick placement and access to every pallet
  • Uprights and frames are pre-galvanised and have a traceability system

For further information about industrial racking. Please get in touch with our sales team. Contact via webchat, email or call. We also offer free site visits and consultations for projects. We can help finding the right Industrial Racking for the environment you have.