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You've got things that need moving and doing it manually just isn't the way to go. Especially with all the health and safety regulations in the workplace which stops staff lifting most things larger than a pack of A4 paper. So what can you do to get around this? Get a sack truck is the answer!

Sack Trucks make workplace life a lot easier

In every workplace something will always need moving. Whether it's an office stationery delivery, some furniture, or boxed products ready to ship out, we have suitable sack trucks for sale to help take some of the weight.

Selecting the right sack truck can be a little confusing.

First of all there's more than one name given to a sack truck. You'll hear them referred to as a sack trolley, hand trolley and sack barrow. Next you'll need to know roughly what type of object and the maximum weight you'll be moving. This is why we have split up our sack trucks category in to several sections. It makes finding the right sack truck easier for the job much, much easier.

So where do you start?

Our folding sack trucks all have a common feature: a toe plate that folds up in to the frame of the sack truck. Beyond this feature the folding sack trucks differ. Some trucks will be more robust than others for use in demanding environments such as in a warehouse where the truck is in constant use, transporting multiple items. Other folding sack trucks are made of aluminium and have compact or telescopic frames enabling them to be folded up in to mch smaller units for saving space when not in use.

Throughout our range there are lightweight aluminium sack trucks. These are ideal for use on delivery vehicles with weight restrictions or where the sack truck will need to be carried as they are a lot lighter than steel versions. An aluminium sack truck is always a popular choice, and we have a great variety to choose from.

Most of our sack trucks are designed to be multi-purpose. The type of truck that is best for you will depend on where it will be used and the weight of the item or items the sack truck is being used to move.

These are some of the main features that you'll want to look out for when looking through the range:

  • Load capacity - the total weight the truck can support and carry safely
  • Handle type - different handles change the way you use ans operate the truck
  • Toe plate size - you'll need a truck with a surface area that's not too small for your items

Sack truck load capacity

The first thing we get told a customer looks for in a sack truck is what kind of weight. Every sack truck on our website will show a maximum load capacity to help you select the right truck. Load capacities can range from 50kg up to a massive 350kg plus on our heavy duty sack trucks.

Get the right style of handle

Two handled sack trucks are the most common throughout of range and offer greater leverage when tipping a heavily loaded sack truck ready to move. A P type handle is featured on a couple of our sack truck models and offers easy single handed use, especially when pulling the truck along. The P style handle also provides greater turning flexibility over the two handled versions.

The size of the toe matters

The toe size of a sack truck is important as a small toe might be easier to transport, but it may not be sufficient to move those larger boxes of items you'll need to shift.

No matter what your requirements in a sack truck are, we'll have one to suit your budget.

Is a folding sack truck as good as a standard truck?

So you've got things to move but there's a lack of storage space for a conventional sack truck. It could be that you need to easily transport goods from a delivery vehicle but dont have the space to carry a full sized truck on board. After all, that's space that could be used to store more products for delivery.

A folding sack truck makes storing, carrying and transporting your sack truck very easy.

The common feature on all of our folding sack trucks is a folding toe. They're the same on both light and heavy duty folding sack trucks. The toe is hinged, enabling it to fold up in to the frame of the sack truck and takes up less space. It makes the folding sack truck really easy to store away. It even makes most sack trucks compact enough to store on delivery vehicles.

Some of our folding sack trucks also feature collapsible handles and frames. These tend to be telescopic parts that slide down in to the frame and really reduce the folded size of the sack truck. This makes a compact folding sack truck ideal if you need to transport it in a car boot or small delivery van.

The aluminium folding sack trucks we have available are very light weight. At around 4-6kg per sack truck, they are easy to carry compared to their steel alternatives. An aluminium folding sack truck is the truck for delivery vehicles as they don't add too much weight to the overall load being carried.

Many of our folding sack trucks come supplied with elasticated cords or straps to help secure and support the load while being carried on the truck. They also feature robust wheel options that includes rubber tyre wheels and pneumatic wheels. The later option is extremely useful while moving goods by sack truck over rough or uneven floors.

If you need a folding truck and tend to move heavy or bulky loads then check out our heavy duty folding sack truck options. Some of our folding heavy duty sack trucks can take up to 270kg in weight. They do also feature larger folding toes in order to accommodate larger, bulkier items that need to be transported.

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks for tougher environments

Our Heavy Duty Sack Trucks are by far our most popular range for use in the workplace. Each truck features a high load capacity, large toe plate and generally have pneumatic tyres to ensure that heavy loads are transported safely over rough terrain and uneven warehouse floors. The steel construction of the heavy duty sack trucks means that they are more robust and can take more daily wear-and-tear. They have higher rust resistance due to their painted or powder coated finishes. Each heavy duty truck has a maximum load capacity depending on it's construction and they can generally take loads of of up to 350kg.

If you regularly need to move loads up stairs, you'll want to take a look at our Stair Climbing Sack Trucks. They make stairs safer for moving loads with their rotating 3 wheel designs and can save a lot of time. They also can make a two man job of carrying a load up stairs a one man job with ease.

If you're unsure what type of sack truck best suits you, or would like advise on certain features, then please start up a Live Chat with one of our friendly team or give us a call. If you require a high quantity of sack trucks then request a quote and see how we can help you with your project.