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Our TUFF Sack Truck is our best seller due to the high quality materials it is manufactured from as well as being the best possible affordable price. In addition, the TUFF Sack Barrow is the only Sack Truck we offer with Next Day delivery. Because of this we have ensured that the Next Day delivery is included in the price so if customers need their sack truck as soon as possible, the TUFF Sack Truck is the way to go!

Key features for this sack truck include a heavy duty 500kg load capacity and a fully welded construction. This means that the sack trolley is designed for tougher environments. The recommended environments involve stock rooms and warehouses where moving items from different destinations is a key part of the day to day activities.


There are a few different names often given to sack trucks. You'll often hear them referred to as a sack trolley, hand trolley and sack barrow. Our range of sack trucks all do the same thing and are a vital piece of equipment for most workplaces.

So, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Many of them have multi-purpose designs and are suitable for many areas. These are some of the main features that you'll want to look out for when looking through the range:

  1. Load capacity - the total weight that can support and move an item with no harm
  2. Handle type - different handles change the way you use and operate the truck
  3. Toe plate size - you'll need a large enough plate to support items


The type of load capacity is the first thing most customers look for in sack barrows and if they can transport heavy items. Every variation of the heavy duty sack barrow range on our website will show the greatest capacity to help you select the right truck for you. Load capacities can range from 60kg up to a massive 350kg or more on our heavy duty trucks. It's important to get a capacity that can support the items your transport for improved health and safety as moving heavy items can be dangerous!


Two handled sack barrows are the most common in our range and offer greater leverage when tipping a heavy loaded barrow and getting it ready to move. A P type handle features on some of our models and offers easy single handed use, especially when pulling the truck along rather than pushing. The P style handle also provides greater turning flexibility over the two handled versions. They also have protective guards offering superior grip and prevent damage to hands when dealing with narrow door frames.


The toe plate (sometimes referred to as a foot iron) is a very important part of a hand truck. A small plate is easier to transport, but won't be suitable for moving larger boxes or objects.

Whatever your requirements are, should that involve manual handling or not. We'll have one to suit the items you're moving. The toe plates in our range can be as small as 100mm and as long as 700mm. Use the filters at the side of the page to find exactly the depth you need.


So you've got things to move but there's a lack of storage space for a conventional sack trolley. It could be that you need to transport goods from a delivery vehicle but don't have the space to carry a full sized truck on board. After all, there's space that can store more products for delivery.

A folding sack barrow folds flat and makes storing, carrying and transporting very easy.

The hinged foot iron enables it to fold up into the frame, taking up far less floor space. Some of our folding toe trucks also feature collapsible handles and frames. These are often telescopic parts that slide down in to the frame to reduce the size. This makes a compact folding sack cart ideal if you need to transport it in a car boot or on small delivery van.

Our folding sack trolley comes supplied with secure elasticated cords or straps to help the load when moving. They also feature robust wheel options that includes rubber tyre wheels and pneumatic wheels. The later option is very useful while moving goods by sack truck over rough or uneven floors.


Our Heavy Duty sack barrow range is by far our most popular for use in industrial workplaces. Each product features a high quality construction, huge load capacity and large toe plate. Most have pneumatic tyres to ensure that heavy loads can move with no trouble over rough terrain and uneven warehouse floors. They have higher rust resistance due to their painted or powder coated finishes. Each one has an optimal load capacity depending on its construction but generally can take loads of up to 350kg.

If you often need to move loads up stairs, you'll want to take a look at our Stair Climbing Trucks. They make stairs safer for moving loads with their rotating 3 wheel designs and can save a lot of time. We even offer a heavy duty Aluminium Stair Climber with a 300kg load capacity for transporting large loads up stairs in the safest way possible.

If you're unsure on what type of product best suits you, please start up a Live Chat with one of our friendly team or give us a call. If you need a high quantity of hand trucks then request a quote and see how we can help you with your project.