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Vision door lockers are great for use in schools, offices and sport facilities. In these areas the clear panel in each door allows you to see the contents of each locker, achieving a greater level of visual security. This will greatly reduce storage based security risks and will stop users from easily hiding offensive weapons or illegal substances. A quick visual inspection can take place without ever needing to open the compartment, ensuring the items inside stay secure at all times.

The vision door lockers we have available come with standard key cam locks with the option to upgrade these to other locking options. For other vision door locker locking options, please see the accessory table below the products on each page. Changing the locks can make these more suited for a variety of different locations as schools may prefer students to supply their own locks and so on.

Our knowledgeable sales staff are ready to answer any questions you may have about our vision door lockers. Simply start up a live chat for give us a call on 01922 743833 for more info.