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Are you compliant with hazardous storage regulations?

Ensuring the safe keeping of harmful liquids and chemicals in any working environment is vital. Correct storage of hazardous chemicals will prevent visitors and employees from exposure to potentially life changing substances. Included within our CoSHH cabinet range are specialised static and mobile products which will provide reliable and safe storage of hazardous substances for either long term storage or transportation.

Hazardous storage cupboards

On a daily basis, many industries use flammable, acidic and alkaline chemicals such as: cleaning products, bleaches, oils, paints, pesticides, agrochemicals and gases. Under the CoSHH regulations all of these substances need to be stored in a contained and secure environment. This is where our hazardous storage cabinets will help you. Our hazardous cabinets will ensure that all potentially harmful chemicals are stored correctly and safely. Simply placing harmful chemicals within a hazardous storage cupboard will significantly reduce the risk of potential accidents, while ensuring you comply with health and safety laws.

Our range is formed of yellow, red and grey CoSHH cabinets, cupboards and chests. These hazardous cabinets include key features such as a liquid tight sump, galvanised shelves as well as other beneficial features. With all elements working together to provide a safe and secure storage cabinet, they are widely used in factories, schools, offices, garages, workshops and warehouses. As an employer, it's vital to consider the safety of employee's. If basic CoSHH regulations are ignored, it could potentially risk someones health and well-being. We strongly recommend purchasing a hazardous storage cupboard if you or the teams around you use potentially harmful chemicals.

For more information on what CoSHH means and which hazardous storage cabinets is best for you. Check out our full product range and the information displayed in our CoSHH cupboard category.

Sump Pallet & Spill Trays

Spills and leaks are sometimes inevitable. But, having the correct equipment in place to counteract these accidents is something to seriously consider. Our Sump Pallets & Spill Trays are an excellent way to prevent accidents happening and maintain a clean and safe work-space. Whilst handling hazardous liquids, spill trays are vital to keep potentially health threatening chemicals contained. Within our range of spill trays, we have included trays with liquid tight sumps, metallic finishes and deep plastic bottoms to ensure no spills will escape.

Our selection of spill trays is vast. From small gas cans to oil barrels, we can provide a spill tray to contain spills and leaks of many sizes with ease. Additionally, we offer a selection of Sump Pallets. Their liquid volume or capacity ranges from 1000L to 1100L within each sump. These include units large enough for two IBC storage containers, we can provided a secure storage unit for potential leaks, whether large or small. We understand the importance of spill containment, therefore ensure we are able to deliver standard, unique and specialised spill trays for all purposes, featuring either metallic or plastic options to help contain chemicals such as; acids & alkalis, oils, petrols and water.

For smaller spill trays our Mini Drip Deck Spill Trays can easily be placed on top of counter tops. Ideal for laboratories, schools and science departments due to their size and features. With a choice of a 5.6L or 11.3L liquid tight sump tray, it can contain a large volume of hazardous liquids with the added benefit of mobility. However, it is important to remember to clean the sump immediately after use - to prevent the build up of chemicals. Due to the nature of the chemicals and liquids commonly used, we have dedicated a whole range for the cleaning of spills and leaks.

Spill Containment

Containing any type of spillage is important. But, when these spills included hazardous liquids and chemicals the urgency increases. In emergency situations, we require specialist equipment that we can rely on. This is why all of our Spill Containment Kits are ideal for these emergency situations. Included within our range are absorbing pads, granules, spill kits and absorbent socks to which all provide an effective spill containment alternative. Being able to clean and contain spills and leaks within seconds will bring peace of mind as well as contingency, that is why we recommend kitting your workplace out with emergency spill containment kits.

IBC and Drum Storage

Storing large volumes of chemicals can be a complex task. However, we have the a effective chemical storage solution with our IBC & Drum Storage Units. With the ability to store large capacities within a safe and secure manner, is why these units are so important. Our drum storage units provide a secure and safe way to store drum barrels containing oil and petrol. Additionally, some of our drum storage kits include sumps to contain any unexpected spills and leaks that might occur, some of which benefit from integrated forklift sleeves for hassle free and safe transportation.

Our IBC Storage collection includes a range of secure and robust systems that will 'safety protect' your IBC tank. IBC tanks are both reusable and capable of holding hundreds of pounds worth of liquid or powders, which is why we understand the importance of a good quality and reliable bulk chemical storage system.

So, as you can see our range is full of helpful equipment to store and contain potentially harmful liquids and hazardous chemicals. Due to the nature of the chemical stored within and the damage they can do if not stored properly we strongly advise exploring our full range of CoSHH equipment. If you require any further help please refer to product descriptions or spec table, alternatively you can contact our knowledgeable sales team via Live Chat who will be happy to help.