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We've been manufacturing and supplying workbenches to organisations and individuals since 1972. Like much of our range, we manufacture our Heavy Duty workbenches here in the UK at our 110,000 Square Ft facility. With nearly 50 years’ experience, our workbenches are mainstays in factories, warehouses, assembly lines and engineering workshops across the UK. We've worked with them all! For huge companies to small (respectively!), as well as to individuals who require workstations at home. Our manufacturing capabilities mean we can offer bespoke solutions and discounts on large orders. We also know how important it is to choose correctly, which is why we offer Free Site Consultations to help find the right solutions for you.

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So, why choose a heavy duty workbench over other options?

Heavy duty workbenches are long term investments for customers who want a workstation that withstands the tests of time! The solid framework on these type of workbenches means that they can withstand repetitive use. Withstanding bangs, chips and knocks over 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and longer. Heavy duty workbenches are designed to support weighty items that other benches wouldn't be safe supporting. The huge weight load capacities they offer, means you have versatility in items you work on. As well as sturdiness that workers can be confident in.

Our vast range of heavy duty workbenches can offer all the above benefits and more. We'll talk you through the main features of the category below.

HD Heavy Duty Workbenches - 1200kg UDL

The best place to start is with our HD Heavy Duty Workbenches. Manufactured from thick steel, the workbench has strong uprights supporting the worktop. This vital element allows you to work with heavy materials such as Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many more with ease. Having a solid base whilst using a workbench is an important requirement.

If your workbench wobbles or leans whilst working on the bench it may cause injuries, inaccurate readings and delays in production. Thanks to this bench's Heavy Duty 40 x 40 section and 50 x 50 heavy duty square tube leg construction - this isn't an issue! 

Reasons customers choose HD Heavy Duty Workbenches:

  1. Incredible 1200kg UDL Capacity - more than enough!
  2. Various Sizes to choose from - as well as bespoke solutions.
  3. Worktop Choice - Solid Wood, Steel, Laminate or Linoleum.
  4. Unrivalled Accessory Options - build & customize your ultimate workstation with above & below bench options (see below).


Heavy Duty Workbench AccessoriesHeavy Duty Below Bench Accessories

Shown in the images above are accessories available in our HD Heavy Duty Workbenches. Above Bench accessories include Service Ducts, Combi Panels and Lighting. Below Bench accessories focus on storage options, such as lockable drawer and cupboard combinations. We include dropdown options at product level that display accessories. By utilising these accessories, you are able to customise your workbench into a fully functioning workspace with your tools close at hand. Not only will this improve work flow, it will help make the overall bench a better asset.


We've told you all about our popular HD range, but we can't finish up without talking about 3 other popular features:

Euroslide Heavy Duty WorkbenchesTUFF Heavy Duty Storage WorkbenchesEuroslide Super Workbenches

Shown above are both our Euroslide Heavy Duty Workbench options and our exclusive TUFF Heavy Duty Storage Workbenches (middle image). Both Euroslide ranges offer the high quality Euroslide Tool Cabinets as accessory options. The Super Benches (pictured far right) offer these attached to the framework. Both Euroslide options match the HD Workbenches, for a weight load capacity of 1200kg UDL. They also offer very similar above bench accessories like Service Ducts, Combi Panels and Lighting.

Where as the TUFF Heavy Duty offer a good value alternative with a lower weight capacity of 500kg UDL. Ideal for customers who aren't working with as hefty items. TUFF also offers 3x3 storage combinations as well as a FREE Workbench Vice with each purchase! Be sure to check them all out before picking.


Before you decide what heavy duty workbench to purchase, consider the following:

Worktop - each worktop material offers different qualities. Beech is often preferred for heavy duty, due to its resistant to damage via sharp tools or high impact.

Size - this one's obvious but the size of your work area may determine what workbench is right for you. Check widths, depths and heights available.

Weight Load Capacity - think about the weight of the items you'll likely to be working on now and in the future. Can your desired workbench support this?

Accessories Required - organised workstations = productive workers. Will users require accessories to work and organise their stations?

If you are interested in purchasing a heavy duty workbench and need further assistance. Then feel free to contact us via Live Chat & let us answer all of your questions you may have!