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Heavy Duty Workbenches

QMP Heavy Duty Workbenches
Reasons to buy Heavy Duty Workbenches

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Are you looking for a reliable, sturdy and robust workbench? You’re in luck. Our vast range of heavy duty workbenches can offer all this and more.

Manufactured from thick steel, the workbench has strong uprights supporting the worktop. This vital element allows you to work with heavy materials such as Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many more with ease. Having a solid base whilst using a workbench is an important requirement that needs to be considered. If your workbench wobbles or leans whilst working on the bench it may cause injuries, inaccurate readings and delays in production.

With our heavy duty workbenches, this isn’t a problem. You are able to rely on them to perform to an industrial standard day in, day out.

Which is the best work bench for me?

When choosing a heavy duty work bench, it’s important to consider what you require. Do you need a workbench to take 200kg or up to 1200kg? What’s the width of the workbench to fit its designated area? These questions plus many more all need to be considered when purchasing a workbench. By understanding what you need, you can then pick which heavy duty workbench fits your requirements.

Key features of a heavy duty workbench:

  1. Heavy Duty - These workbenches are built to last, they are strong enough to withstand the most demanding environments’.
  2. High load capacity – From 200kg to 1200kg, these workbenches are ideal for heavy items.
  3. Range of accessories – Heavy duty accessories are available to fit all requirements.
  4. Steel plate worktop - Our HD heavy duty workbench has the option of a thick steel plate for the intense heavy duty applications

Heavy duty workbench accessories

We include a range of related products at the bottom of each product page. This includes above and below bench accessories for you to easily add to your workbench. By utilising these accessories, you are able to customise your workbench into a fully functioning workspace with your tools close at hand. Not only will this improve work flow, it will help make the overall bench a better assist.

If you are interested in purchasing a heavy duty workbench and need further assistance. Then feel free to contact us via Live Chat & let us answer all of your questions you may have!