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Stackers and Pallet Stackers are pieces of lifting equipment mainly used in the warehouse or on the factory floor. They are ideal for where a standard pallet truck is not suitable but doesn't justify spending money on a forklift truck. A pallet stacker offers larger lift heights and and can steady lift loads safely for storage or block stacking of palletised goods. Ideally they are not only used for stacking pallets, but also act as pallet trucks for manoeuvring pallets and also as a lifting table.

Our range of manual stackers come in two main types: light duty stacker and heavy duty manual stacker. They also have two handle types. You can choose from either a crank type handle or a pump handle which is what our standard trucks use and provides smooth and consistent lift. The crank type handle has an automatic anti-slip brake for extra safety.

The light duty Pallet Stackers are a cost-effective way of upgrading from standard pallet trucks. They are designed for loads of up to around 150kg UDL. Ideal for light weight loads and small pallet sizes, these stackers suit small businesses well.

Our heavier duty stackers can lift upwards of 500kg UDL towards a whopping 1500kg UDL in our hydraulic lift manual stackers. All of our heavy duty stackers are easy to manoeuvre and come equipped with footbrakes making them very steady and safe to use. They will take the strain out of any lifting job, from ground level to shoulder height.

For extra stability on heavier loads, we offer a straddle leg stacker which allows palletised loads to be safely lifted from the floor without worry.

On the hydraulic stackers, lifting is controlled either by the pump handle or by the foot pump giving a smooth lift. They feature adjustable forks for different pallet sizes and tested to EN regulations. (See specific products for their EN testing reference.)