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Mobile Workbenches

Stationary workbenches are great unless you are working on a project that needs to be continuously transported across the workshop. Wouldn't it be nice to have a workbench that doubles as a trolley? Here we have all of our mobile workenches ready to help you with that.

An immediate advantage of Mobile Workbenches is not having to dismantle your project before moving it. This will lessen the chance of damaging valuable work pieces in transit.

Another plus point is that when you reach your other workspace you can just carry on working. This saves time and reduces the chances of something getting damaged from one end of the warehouse to the other.

Most of these mobile workbenches have storage cupboards and drawers under the worktop. This allows you to move your tools around with piece you are working on. No more running from one end of the premises to the other to get the right tools for the job.

The varying styles available in this section can easily integrate with other workbenches that are static. For example if you have a static rivet style workbench you can invest in a mobile rivet style workbench that will sit comfortably at the end of your static workbench. The same can be done for other styles of mobile workbench found in this section.

Just check our static workbench ranges and match them to the mobile versions (where available).

If you need any help, click on the Live Chat to discuss which Mobile Workbench will best for you to integrate with a new layout or your existing set up.