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Step Ladders

Step ladders for domestic and light trade use

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Step Ladders are an essential piece of equipment for any workplace. Our range consists of both aluminium steps and fiberglass ladders that are designed to stand up to rigorous, everyday use and transportation.

Each of our products has something different to offer to make sure you get the best and safest steps for your job. We offer anything from a small two tread ladder up to extra high 12 tread ladders. A lower tread quantity is more suited to small shop work and offices, while larger ladders with more treads are popular for heavy duty and industrial work with far higher working heights.

There are a variety of other features on our step ladders to help you make your choice. These features include extras and accessories such as fitted tool trays, ergonomic handles, standing platforms, high handrails and more.

Fibreglass or Aluminium Step Ladders

There is a big difference between the two types of ladder material we have on offer here at Workplace Products. Both Fibreglass and Aluminium steps work well as general workhorses but excell indifferent areas. The majority of our range is made up of aluminium step ladders. Aluminium is a tried and trusted material that consistently performs to industry standards. They are perfect for general work as they are lightweight and easy to operate. They make great step ladders for both domestic and trade use.

Fibreglass step ladders are equally as reliable and growing in popularity. They are a very popular choice with electricians. This is because fiberglass is non-conductive and the perfect choice for working where there is a potential electrical hazard. Of course they are not exclusive to electricians as their non-conductive properties are a handy addition in all industrial environments. Fibreglass is also more lightweight and therefore more easily transported than aluminium but it is often more costly.

Step Ladder Safety

Safety is absolutely paramount when working at height. To be sure of a ladder’s quality look out for the safety standards on our step ladders. The majority of our step ladders conform to British Standards 2037 Class 1 or EN131 to ensure they are suitable for use in the workplace. Various differences between the ladders such as non-slip treads, high handrails and more also offer the user additional safety whilst the ladders are in use.