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Warehouse Steps

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  1. GS Standard Approved Dock Steps- UK Made

    EN-14183 Dock Steps

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 12 - 15 working days

    • 2 to 4 Treads Available
    • Approved to European GS Standards

    from £417.29

  2. Wide Warehouse Steps

    Wide Warehouse Steps

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • Warehouse Steps with 54° angle
    • Powder Coated Blue

    from £1,168.79

  3. Heavy Duty Service Platforms - 54 Angle

    Premier Service Platform

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • 2 - 10 Treads Available
    • Platform height 500- 2500mm

    from £1,871.87

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Our industrial warehouse steps are ideal to reach heights up to 5m. Our wide range includes a selection of steps that comply to BS and EN 131 standards. This is to ensure safety requirements are met. We also offer a good range of sizes, working loads and platform sizes. With a huge range for you to chose from, we have created an easy guide to help you pick the right steps!



Warehouse steps are configured to a range of requirements, one being mobility. Ideal for fast paced environments such as warehouses, factories or offices. In addition their unique design ensures steps can be to the desired location with ease. Also in our mobile safety steps range, there are different mobility options with individual steps. From push & tilt steps to the classic castor option. Each industrial mobile safety step can be configured to suit personal requirements. We have a huge range of Mobile safety steps for you to look at that will be suitable for many range of warehouse.

Safety Working at Height

As previously mentioned, our warehouse step ladders can reach heights of 5m. Accidents can happen. Our first concern is to ensure our mobile steps include key features to prevent these. You will see double handrails, handles and break handles. These will provide protection as well as regulation to HSE guidelines.

Steel Mesh or Anti-Slip Rubber Treads?

Which is the better option, Mesh or Rubber treads? There are a couple of influencing factors. It comes down to the environment you're working in and footwear. A mesh tread offers some anti-slip properties. As the soles of work boots grip the mesh, creating a stable footing. However, if required our anti-slip treads offer an excellent slip resistant surface.

Wide Range of Colours

Let's use our Classic Steps range as an example. There are a total of 8 colours to choose from. Also, we  have other ranges that offer many colours. This will allow for you to invest in a colour that represents your brand or working environment.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Sandstone
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Need Something Bigger?

    We understand there are environmetns that need more. More height, more width, more treads. As a result, we ensure there is an option for almost any industrial environment; big and small. Most options have an access platform as standard. These steps can act as Podium steps for warehouse areas.  Look at our Premier Service Platform. It is designed with extra wide steps (up to 1230mm) and constructed with expanded steel mesh. With heights of up to 3580mm, it is perfect for work on large plant machinery and accessing mezzanine floors:

    Another fantastic option is the EN-131 Easy Slope Serice Platform. You can choose up to 8 treads at 1080mm wide. It is incredibly versatile with its inward opening gate on 3 sides of the platform. As a result, giving the user confidence in handling heavy goods. However, it's key feature is its ability to slope. This has fantastic benefits working in demanding environmetns. Check out these fantastic platform steps now:

    Big Things Come In Small Packages

    If you're looking for something to give you that extra boost then we have the perfect solution. So, look at our Tilt and Pull Mobile Steps. Equipped with ribbed rubber treads, they give you the security needed in small, tight situations. As a result, prove excellent in places you need that extra height. Choose from 4 colours and 3 tread heights. Our 2 tread mobile warehouse steps include a side handle. This will help you balance if at full stretch:


    There are a set of regulations that you need to be aware of in this sector; EN131. This is the updated European (Including the UK) safety classification for warehouse steps. This classification applies to commercial and trade ladders operating weights of 150kg. It is important to note that this includes the weight of the person and package they're picking. Many of our safety steps meet the requirements for EN131 or Class 1 certification. So your mind will be at ease whilst you use them at height. British Standard HSE recommend if purchasing steps for warehouse environments to look for these standards.

    Please get in touch with us via our live chat or over the phone. We can help you further with any querys you may have. A member of our sales team will be on hand to find the ideal solution for you.