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Our range of warehouse steps are comprised of high quality mobile steps that help reach a range of heights. Designed to ensure your workplace runs smoothly and effectively when faced with hard to reach spots, they're ideal for safely carrying out maintenance and picking stock. Due to the demand in warehouse steps, we've developed a range that provides a variety of mobile safety steps that are suit all workplace environments.

What are the most important features of warehouse steps?

Mobile Steps

It's important when purchasing mobile steps to consider the quality and safety capabilities of the castors attached. When it comes to fixed castors they're extremely cost effect. But they're also more likely to move on some gradients and shiny floors. An effective solution is to use heavy duty mobile steps, with spring loaded castors. Designed to safely lower when weight is applied and to rise when removed, these castors improve the safety conditions for operators. This retractable mechanism prevents surfing as the steps will not glide once any weight is applied. The pressed steel guard dome turns into a stabilising foot when retracted and also protects the castors from damage.

Safety Working at Height

Working at heights can be dangerous, so safety is our main concern. Many of our warehouse steps contain handrails and handles within their design to create an effective barrier system. Including handrails within the design allows the user to maintain the recommend three points of contact at all times, as well we regulating to HSE guidelines. The most common warehouse step used whilst working at height is our mobile platform range. It's large work platform offers a big advantage over traditional ladders for carrying out work at height for extended periods of time.

Steel Mesh or Anti-Slip Rubber Treads?

Which is the better option, Mesh or Rubber treads? The influencing factor largely comes down to the environment your working in and footwear employee's wear. A mesh tread offers some anti-slip properties as the soles of work boots grip the mesh, creating a stable footing. However if you require further anti-slip properties, our anti-slip treads offer an excellent slip resistant surface.

Important warehouse steps regulations you should know about!

When purchasing mobile warehouse steps, they are a set of regulations that you need to be aware of. EN131 is the updated European (Including the UK) safety classification for warehouse steps. This classification applies to commercial and trade ladders operating weights of 150kg. It's important to note that this includes the weight of the person and package they're picking. Many of our safety steps meet the requirements for EN131 or Class 1 certification, which puts your mind at rest whilst using them whilst at height. The British Standard HSE recommend when purchasing warehouse steps, to look out for these set of standards.

A perfect example of EN131 classified warehouse steps are our Classic Warehouse Steps BS Range. Whilst going through rigours tests to certify to EN standards, they were awarded the British Standard Kitemark. This is for the quality of rungs, stile and connection strength, and stability. They are an easy to use and reliable warehouse ladder solution, complete with a handrail.

If you need any assistance choosing the ideal mobile steps for your workplace, get in touch with us via our live chat or over the phone. A member of our sales team will be on hand to find the ideal solution for you.