Heavy Duty Euro Containers

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  • Containers are the size of half a Euro pallet
  • Load capacity 500 kg
  • Static stacking load 1500 kg
  • Dynamic stacking load 1000 kg
  • Products are kept clean and safe - in line with modern production principles
  • Colour: grey
  • Delivery time: 3 days

Stock loads as high as 500 kg in a PVC container with a standard size of 800 x 600 mm. This completely new heavy duty container series from BITO sets new standards in production, storage and transport logistics. With an empty weight of 14,5 kg or 18 kg depending on the container height, the BITO SL weighs much less than a traditional wire-mesh box pallet or a steel sheet container, but have a comparable load capacity. BITO heavy duty containers are not only great for heavy weight loads. They are also ideal for large size products and goods which must be stored and shipped under absolutely clean and dust free conditions.