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  1. Armour Cube Lockers

    Armour Cube Lockers

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 12 - 15 working days

    • Pre-drilled for nesting
    • Fitted with standard cam locks

    from £59.99

  2. 450mm Armour Cube Lockers

    450 Armour Cube Lockers

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • Best Seller D450mm Cube Locker
    • Optional Shelving Available

    from £79.39

  3. Probe Cube Lockers

    Probe Cube Lockers

    Made to order

    Made to orderDelivery in 15 - 20 working days

    • Supplied pre-drilled for bolting
    • 6 door colours available

    from £49.25

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Cube Lockers are ideal as customisable secure storage for personal items including handbags, phones, keys and more.

The compact design of a cube locker enables you to choose different storage configurations to suit the space you have available. They are ideal as a small locker solution for areas without much space for storage or for expanding the locker storage you already have on site.

Versatile Small Lockers

Cube lockers are incredibly versatile. They can be bolted together to create stacks or nests, making them a great choice for use in schools or as small locker personal storage in leisure centres, offices and more. Each Cube Locker listed here also features a protective anti-bacterial coating to help improve hygiene where a lot of different people regularly use the lockers. For more information on each of the anti-bacterial coats please see each product's description.

There are a whole range of different cube locker sizes available. This means you can decided how much storage you offer based on the items that will be stored. If they will only be used for very small items such as wallets, purses and keys you can select our smallest compartment size. The smallest size we offer is the Armour 300mm cube - these are mini lockers ideal for safely storing personal effects. If you need to store anything larger than that a mini locker won't be the best solution and a 450mm cube will be more suitable for you.

Choose from a range of different colours to suit whatever environment you are putting your lockers in. With Cube Lockers you can mix and match a variety of popular colours to create an attractive and eye catching storage. 

Probe Quarto Lockers

Quarto lockers from Probe are designed to be used in the same way as all our cube lockers are, but can also be used as top lockers. Simply attach them to other Probe lockers you might already have or are about to buy. Many people have used Quarto lockers by bolting them together to create a linking bridge in between nests of steel lockers and make the most out of the space you have available.

If you need any assistance selecting your small locker storage get in touch with us via our live chat or over the phone. Our sales team will direct you towards the best cube lockers for sale on our site.