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With our notice boards for indoor use, you are spoilt for choice at Workplace Products.

From the data we've gained from successfully selling display products over the years, we've selected the best selling types and sizes of notice board for our online range.

There are a few options when selecting your new display board. Whether it's for the office, classroom or corridor, we'll have a suitable display solution for you.

What kind of notice board material do you need?

Each notice board comprises of a back board and usually a material covering.

On most of our boards, there is a felt or loop nylon layer that comes in a selection of colours. It makes easy to match your new notice board to your brand or school colour theme. Felt covered notice boards are a cost effective display option. The felt material allows for the use of standard pins for attaching items.

Loop nylon covered notice boards allow for not only the use of pins, but also Velcro. It tends to be better for high use areas and can also be made available as a fire retardant surface.

Part of our range is made up of Eco-friendly products. These notice boards are made from a high percentage of bi-products or recycled materials. Great if you're green minded or a have a green company policy to use recycled products.

Another part of the range is made up of dual notice boards. These displays feature both felt and drywipe white board for the best of both board worlds.

Fire resistant notice boards

The display products we have that carry the resist-a-flame logo or name are fire resistant. Each one fully complies with EU fire regulations. They all are classed as B-SI, d0 according to BS-EN 13501-1.

Fire retardant materials are made to reduce potential fire hazards. The materials we use on our notice boards have been tested on their ability to resist ignition against various flame sizes and durations. The test measures a materials combustible characteristics when it comes down to how flames spread, heat release rate, how toxic the smoke it emits is, and the materials density.

Some people think that only the fabric top surface of a notice board needs to be fire retardant. This is wrong, especially for corridor applications. Regulations demand that the whole assembled product is classified class B, EN 13501-1.

Resist-a-flame notice boards feature a flame resistant loop nylon top material, mounted on a flame retardant substrate board. The whole product helps prevent a fire from spreading.

It makes our Resist-a-flame products ideal for school corridors where BB100 states the wall linings don't contribute to the spread of a fire.