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Our range of electric scissor lifts range from our TUFF more affordable range, to our more expensive range of high quality and extremely advanced scissor lifts with very heavy load capacities. The variety of lifting trolleys we have allows our customers to operate at many different working heights. This prevents injuries and increases workflow in a number of industries because there is no pressure on employees hands when dealing with large loads.

At Workplace Products we have a very friendly sales team that can assist our customers with which static scissor lift is right for them. In addition, with some of our larger scissor lifts, our sales team are happy to discuss any quotations needed. You can also discuss any optional extras with the team such as next day delivery and certificates of conformities.


It's important to ensure that only the best machinery and equipment is used when working with heavy goods and materials. We have carefully selected the best range of Static Scissor tables on the market. These are often an essential part of a warehouse or manufacturing process, used repeatedly each day to raise and lower huge loads. It's because of this heavy duty usage that each static scissor lift needs to be incredibly robust and durable.


From small electric scissor lift platforms to much larger double and triple scissor options, we have a high quality solution for every workplace.

Our TUFF Static scissor lift comes in two different load capacities; 500kg and 1000kg. Their lift height is 1010mm making them perfect for da to day tasks in any warehouse environment. They have a large platform to cater to different sizes of loads depending on the working environment. In addition, the hydraulic scissor lift has powered access meaning that everything is done without the scissor table being dependant on anything else.

One of the most important features to consider when choosing between our range of products is the load capacity. These can range from as low as 400kg, all the way up to a huge 6000kg. Each of these capacities then has a different lift height, electric lift time and platform size.

Another popular platform type is the Tandem Electric Scissor tables. These are longer length platforms are supported by multiple powered scissor mechanisms. This makes them capable of lifting long lengths of material and large loads of up to 6000kg. They are ideal for incorporating into a production line to help make processes smoother and more efficient.


If you need any help choosing a Static Scissor Lift for your workplace or require a bespoke solution, don't hesitate to get in touch! Use our Live Chat, give our sales department a call or head over to our Request a Quote page. We'll get you a quote for your ideal lifting solution in no time at all.